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    Adding to the confusion...

    Back in the middle of the last century, we boys in Paramus NJ called our 26" balloon or midweight bikes "bombs," especially if they showed some wear. Lightweight, 3-speed bikes were called "English racers." A friend had a Schwinn 3-speed Corvette; we weren't sure what to think of that.
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    How to remove a stuck plastic pedal...

    That will teach that pedal a lesson. It won't do that again.
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    Get color back into sun-faded grips?

    Hhmm. What's cool about pink Hotwheels cars?
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    Get color back into sun-faded grips?

    Entropy strikes again. You could experiment with a red magic marker.
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    Possible Hub Donor

    Well, the applicability of Murphy's law is once again demonstrated. The design team checked compatibility of the two hubs (20-inch and 24-inch). Everything seemed copacetic: number of spokes (check), hub width (check), hub diameter (check). The work crew went to work and disassembled (unlaced?)...
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    look Ma - one hands!

    Wait a minute. When you move a joystick laterally on an aircraft, it works the ailerons. Does the Aero-Bike Control Stick come with bolt-on ailerons? Even when I was 10-years-old, I don't think I would have fallen for this pitch. Unless, of course, if the handle had a button on top that operated...
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    Possible Hub Donor

    Thinking about converting the 24-inch Huffy Good Vibrations (green) from coaster brake to freewheel. The 20-inch Rampage (orange) might be a suitable donor. Next steps are counting spokes, measuring the hub, and visiting the parts department to see what 24-inch wheels are available. If we have a...
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    ... clean grease and grime off of hands.

    Words to live by. If you don't get your hands dirty, you don't have to clean them.
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    First Build Advice

    Thing is, in this neck of the woods (New Jersey suburbs of New York) bikes like that Hampton Cruiser are currently advertised on Craigslist for $200. Nuts!
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    First Build Advice

    LAGreg: Here's the thing: $20 for the bike is a good start, but you probably don't want to pay what media blasting would cost to save a pair of Huffy rims. If the rims aren't rusted through, I would soak the nipples with your choice of rust killer and see if they'll loosen up. If they do, great...
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    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    Aahh, an experiment with no risk. That's logical. However, where would we be today if scientists took no risks? Just ask Victor Frankenstein or Henry Jekyll.
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    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    I have no personal experience, but I have to think that whatever mechanical magic is used to create a trike is applicable to that frame. I note that you plan to use oxalic acid followed by abrasive blasting. I can't think of any advantage to the oxalic acid in this case. Just blast it! Have fun!
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    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    A new chain arrived yesterday so there was a test flight this morning. Forgot to tighten one of the brake pads but didn't end up under a truck. The newly free-wheeling hub is nice 'cause you don't need to hassle with the coaster brake every time you stop. The downside of the 26-inch fork is that...
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    Explanation needed

    I've been thinkin' about getting a flux capacitor.