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    Can I get a couple of opinions on the Jamis earth cruiser?

    I was always a fan of the Boss cruiser, since its a loopy. Jamis had a sweet BMX in the 80s freestyle also.
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    Your telling me. holy crap cook brothers might as well just name your price right now. Thats a 12k bike there. no joke.
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    Covid Bike Boom Cooling Off?

    Not around here.. Still nothing in the Big W, but marketplace, craigslist, letgo, ebay local are still in short supply of quality bikes for descent prices.
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    dyno roadster value

    Cali - 200-400. Rest of the USA 300-600 At least thats the range I see.. Im in a few dyno groups and those are my main collection focus. D stamped coasters are my favorite frame all time. Im interested in everyone one that I can find local enough to get. I have a 95 coaster, 04 and 06...
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    Adding to the confusion...

    Klunkers generally ran drum brake setups, and bombers were coaster or no brakes as far as I know.
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    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    The Covid bike tax is real. As a seller, you are mi$$ing out. As far as danger.. I personally am not too concerned as I really don't touch anything other than money or a bike and I keep sanitizer in my car/home and roll with a ...... steampunk'ed out facemask with active filters and respirators.
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    Huffy "Dark" Vortex

    Nothing a bit of red chrome vinyl and knife can't help.
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    Huffy "Dark" Vortex

    Had these laying around. Think they have that 80s vibe. A little chewed up. I'll fix them up...
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    Looks pretty accurate

    Is china warm?
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    I never liked full suspension. But 80s was so odd. lots of bicycles in the early to mid 80s kinda genre bending. Yeah, this is General is definately a strandie. A true BMX will have horizontal rear drop outs and straight front forks. An MTB generally has a more slack head tube, cruiser type...
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    Well, heres my new general! 26" bmx cruiser! I never saw one. It was poorly labeled and in the middle of nowhere. But I LOVE loop tails, and to find a 26" bmx 80s looptail for what I did makes me happy. General Catalina plus 6 6 speed index shifters, sumo wheels. I got a sram/sachs p5 interal...
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    I dunno much about general, but I am going to look at one of their frames here in abit. Seems like they were a short lived company?
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    Looks pretty accurate

    What I like, and is not mentioned if you don't read between the lines, is that up till WW2, more than half the bikes in the US were made here in my home state of Ohio.
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    Dark Muscle