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    BO15 RaTs GaSs ...Door panel complete! 10 !

    Awesome work OddJob, love the "perspective" thing, I recognize that. Are you going to put letters on the back tire aswel? Example: The "rusting stainless steel" thing is something I see every day in my line of work (naval/offshore stuff). If the stainless steel is...
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    BO15 Special Bomber

    He means Catchup! :rofl:
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    BO15 Emsbroek & Poesse Ratracer (pg3, details and its process)

    Man, sounds (reads ;) ) like some good memories there. Thank you for sharing! I took two pictures of that light meter: (still not sure if I'll use it for the build) Work update: In the meanwhile, I was cleaning my shed and found some pedals. I always try and reuse/repair old stuff before...
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    BO15 Sharp21 and the Snoozer Cruiser

    I like your bike! Are you going to ride it til September? Make some sweet shots for the competition :thumbsup:
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    BO15 Lean Mean Green Machine

    I used ammonia in the past, it gets a bit green with black. Put some on the the product with a cloth and had a small open container with ammonia next to it for overnight.
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    BO15 Emsbroek & Poesse Ratracer (pg3, details and its process)

    Thanks deven_science!!!! I googled "BACK 40" and got a lot of restaurants, but I should have been "BACK FORTY" :grin: I like that! Little detail update: Considering Pathracer bikes are quite clean in general, this build must have great details to keep up with the rest of the awesome builds...
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    BO15 SteamRoller - A churnin' urn of burnin' funk (MonarkSissyBarParkTool+MexicanWheelAdvice+PrewarSpringerSeatFront)

    Headlamp speedo, sick! Considering your builds name, you could build a cockpit like this: :rockout: At least you have a awesome point to go from here, cait wait for the next updates and colour etcetera!
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    BO15 Krate Krusher

    Another sissybar behind this one to keep it from bending :rockout: Trusst me (see what I did there). I like the ideas you are trying out here!
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    BO15 Higgy-o

    Awesome build! Love the FAT franks, I wish Schwalbe made them without reflectors..... *looking at your picture* wait what? :43: And I like your sign in the workshop aswel!
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    BO15 Emsbroek & Poesse Ratracer (pg3, details and its process)

    Oddjob thanks for the awesome tips and view! Appreciate you reading my stuff and looking at my junkpile :thumbsup: Just wondering, what does the BACK40 mean? Is that a road in Maplewood? It sounds pretty cool. I took a look at your Beer Boy Delivery bike, read every page and really like the...
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    BO15 All Downhill

    Sweet beefy looks! Are you going to put aggressive knobby tires on this one? For me, that always stands out on a downhiller. Prime it a bit further a you got a WINN ;)
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    BO15 Mudd (my name is)

    Mint tires! Nice :rockout:
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    BO15 Emsbroek & Poesse Ratracer (pg3, details and its process)

    Haha nice one MattiThundrrr! But it isnt that. I'll give you a hint, since it did not came by mail today: FN 10-22. And thank you Couch Tater! And thanks Kingfish254! I think I am keeping the old saddle. I straightened the crankarm, took a couple of tries, because the 0.5t press I borrowed...
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    BO15 Carcass

    They do that here aswel. Beautiful custom cruisers, indeed a bit different than Rat Rod Bikes, but cool nonetheless! I owned and commuted with a Basman a while ago. At KKF I spotted this thing (not sure if it is this specific one), but at least some modified NSU quickly's. Also bicycles/BMX...