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    Gravel Grinder Green Motobike 1930

    you could hang a few guinness from the frame... i really liked the pato light, but the carbide crusty is bomb. nice job on balancing the vintage with some modern and whimsy (the grips). congrats
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    about the same year as that t-bird.
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    Vintage Schwinn?

    i'd guess vintage like the 1980's, those forks aren't the kind on vintage 60's bike. is it worth $200... to someone maybe, but i wouldn't pay that.
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    Bare Naked Cruisers

    those are works of love and the art comes through. congrats on making your visions ridable.
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    Was that an old ten speed ?

    great bikes. there always seems to be free bikes on craigslist just waiting for such a transformation....
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    Tankless. 1935 Aerocycle build... sort of

    welded on pedals, that was the curse on my typhoon.
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    Unfinished business

    that's a beauty! i love the latches to hold the front crate, and the WARNING etched right in front. would be perfect for farmers market run. where dos the front stand fold? well done!
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    Geisha Gang's Street Find

    i've always love the lines of those mixte frames, like a geometrical figure waiting for it's last side... the rider completes it.
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    Geisha Gang's Street Find

    otherwise known as: how to turn a free bike into a $500 bike in 100 easy steps. can't wait to see what you do!
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    Barn Find Schwinn

    and after posting those pics i got a couple of goodies in the mail.... definitely more comfortable, though i'm not close to 100% on the looks. and this gem that i need to figure out how to rewire with an LED, and mount.
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    Barn Find Schwinn

    took me a few days to get a chance for a couple more pics.
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    1977 AMF Avenger Evel Knievel BMX Bike

    what i wouldn't have done for one of those 40 yrs ago... i bet i could have jumped more than 21 barbie dolls!
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    My new Swapmeet cruiser

    nice bike! i really love the inspiration and engineering abilities of the people on here.
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    looking for a sf Bay Area club

    still looking for south bay members?
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    Geisha Gang Cruiser

    sexy curves!