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    Sidewalker Scoot

    This one is called a Diggler. i rented it for the day in Lincoln New Hampshire, rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountian and rode the scooter down all day long, it was awesome This was I bought off of ebay a few years ago
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    24 Western Flyer ... ve/002.jpg I've had this one about ten years. When My grandaughter was young this was her favorite to go riding with me.
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    Homemade Swing Bike

    I built one a few years ago, it's just as amusing watching other people attempt t ride it.
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    Homemade Swing Bike

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    My bike

    Dante, That truck your working on looks a lot like my father's truck.
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    Spyder Monkey ... G_0295.jpg I have one of those. I've been watching your build, looks good so far. I always thought these bikes had potential for a good ratrod but I didn't want to take mine apart, it's almost all orginal. They actually did make a ten speen model of...
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    My first Schwinn...

    It all started with a repop schwinn. I have 30+ bikes in my basement. I don't have too many, just not enough space. Always been a cyclist, as long as I had one road bike, one mountian bike, and one hybrid I was fine. It all changed when I bought a repop schwinn for no other reason than it will...
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    This bike has an attachment called a "Shockster" It was made for mountian bikes to add rear suspension, I never thought it was heavy duty enough for a mountian bike but it works well on a chopper. Something like this would move the rear wheel back far enough to allow for a wider tire. The...
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    The 26" springer with a 20" wheel would work well, but I don't think the wider tire will fit without some modifications to the frame.
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    I still have one
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    hello from Delaware

    Hello everybody been lurking for a while, really like this site, have many bikes, will post some pictures later. Dave