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    1985 Team Murray SX2

    Found this little guy today.
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    Layout of voting thread.

    I usually win as a result of the swimsuit portion of the competition.
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    Stripped the coppertone (love it so much, but doesn't go with the theme). Too bad it's not a tiger theme, cause the wire brush creates an awesome tiger stripe pattern. Trying to figure the stance still, mainly of the bars. I want the fork out where it is like a crouching panther, however, 2...
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    BO15 CyberCYCO

    All I can think of when I see your build...
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    They would fit, but they are in a set position with no adjustability.
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    That just might do the trick. Thanks!
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    I'm sure I could find someone to do it. But if the thread pitch is standard, I could use a long bolt and thread it through both rings and tighten it to the span I need?
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    Honestly, if I can find the right part, I will make the span work. Not to be vague, but I have some room to work with. Probably 6" or less.
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    I am trying to find something like this that will fit 3/4" pipe. I would like 4 ideally but no clue where to find this in the smaller diameter. Everything I am finding is for motorcycles which generally start at 2" in diameter. Any ideas/leads? Thanks
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    Ok ladies and gents! We've got our first mock up. Not a full mockup, but trying to establish the stance, and figure out how and where to put bracing between the bars and fork. Might have to use a different stem, but this is really close to what I'm going for.
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    BO15 I Can't Afford the Gas

    Also 'Dover White' by Krylon
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    Ok, my trash can lids finally came in, and I have a couple ideas for mounting and aesthetic (more to come). They are 13" across, but with a 1.5" lip. This will help in the deconstruction/reconstruction of these as moon discs. Also, 'PLAN A' for my fork (which would have retained the welded...
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    20" springer fork stear tube and headtube cone(s)

    ISO the stear tube with pressfit cone or slide on cone and headtube cone (matched threading) from a 20" springer fork. If complete fork only available, I may be interested as well. Thanks
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    Today I started harvesting parts from my donor bike. As I opened up the crank assembly, I was 'delighted' to find ZERO grease :doh:! Another win for Walmart lol! However, the sprocket was intact, and a perfect compliment to my mags. Depending on the clearance once the fork is mounted, I might...
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    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Oops, but yeah, feels like Monday on my end. And yes, wrench bracket with the perfect clearance!