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    The first one is free.....

    My son is borrowing my truck today so I'm going to drive my no air conditioning beater car three hours round trip in 90f+ heat to pick up a parts bike for one of my projects. It ain't always easy but it's always good.
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    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (Trike-Tor...FailSafe)

    I'm around $350 in cash and I'd estimate 22 hours into Mudd. I always think of my hobbies in comparison to other hobbies like golfing. You buy clubs, balls, tees, bags. silly looking clothes. Then you pay your green fee, cart rental, martinis, wagers. So I guess the time and money outlay are...
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    Thief in the night

    They used to hang bike thieves......
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    BO15 Senseless (Formally MS-Rat etc etc)

    The stem came out excellent. That reaction arm is scary, you're lucky it didn't result in human carnage. What kind of hub is it?
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    Old sears bike

    Perfect, I was trying to decide between a satin clear or BLO for this bike but I have BLO on hand so the choice is made. I didn't want it to look like a fuzzy mouse if it stayed tacky.
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    Old sears bike

    Did the BLO loose all of the stickiness? I'm getting one ready to try this weekend.
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    BO15 ZEN

    I delivered a mountain of newspapers on a bike when I was a kid but I never tried your method.
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    UK Triumph Rat done and renamed 'Triumph Blue Witch'

    Pure rat right there! You have built the only bike I have ever seen with the dynamo and headlight both fork mounted on opposite sides.
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    BO15 HOMEMADE SHINE has a totally different look!

    Ride it! It can always be a winter clean up project later.
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    BO15 Odyssey of Flight

    I'm liking the clean lines and flow of this bike
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    Mrs Robinson

    The pedals are disassembled and getting cleaned up. They don't thread into the crank arm like modern pedals, but use a large nut to secure them. The end plates are stamped "Columbia" and "Pat 1885". The photo with the red color on the block screws is showing thick cardboard like paper wrapped...
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    Mrs Robinson

    Dude, she's like 130 years old :banana:
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    These on Ebay could be conoibled to work
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    Mrs Robinson

    Hot and humid tonight so I fired up the torch with a rosebud tip and formed the seatpost. I used a scan from the 1891 catalog to eyeball the bends, they might need tweaking after it is all bolted up, but look pretty close. I'll cut it to length after it is ready for final assembly.
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    BO15 Blue Bomber Curbhopper (Beer can headbadge)

    It doesn't look quite right, maybe drink 6 beers for more for raw materials and keep trying. Who am I kidding, that is way too cool.