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    Happy Fourth of July!

    The local townships all cancelled firework displays, but the residents of various neighborhoods brought in enough ordnance to make up for it. BOOM!! (crackle)
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    Best Tire for Schwinn Hollywood

    RivNut is correct, 1.75" tubes will work with 1 3/4" Schwinn tires. Older S-2 rims can use decimal tires but as before they are not interchangeable with S-7 1 3/4" middleweights
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Willis617's bike.
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    No bike? No sandwiches? Don't be lazy, that's MY job. :grin:
  6. deorman, kent international

    As far as I know, this may be the only 590 tire that isn't the standard gumwall that is actually available in stock.
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    Funny Meme

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    Does anybody know what this is?

    I guess "rusty old touring bike" isn't really very helpful... :crazy:
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    Old how to threads?

    I was going to refer someone to one of the how to stickies, looks like they're gone. :confused:
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    E X P E N S I V E B I K E

    Hmm, lemme check the penny jar... Nope. :crazy:
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    Today's $10 yard sale score

    It's definitely worth ten bucks.;)
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    BO15 SteamRoller - (HoleyHigginsRack Ghost Rider Approved)

    Who else is old enough that this reminds them of a milk truck? :bigboss:
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    Skinny BMX

    Ready for Jr. league cyclo-cross? :comando:
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    Still there for me. :wondering: