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    Grinding off tabs

    Even if that rule wasn't there, you're still only talking about the fork, so you'd be good.
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    BO15 32 Motorbike

    It looks like I'll be taking some time off work next week, so I'll be able to pick this build back up.
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    Studebaker Pedal Car

    A Metropolitan was my first choice of car, but the seller backed out last minute. I thought it would work well.
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    Studebaker Pedal Car

    I mean, it's gotta be called something! What would you prefer, port?
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    BO15 Pandemic Road Missile.

    Please make a build thread for the Aeroliner in either the regular Builds area, or even the "Other Talk" section. Or at least tell me where I can follow it. I've had a similar idea in style, though my idea is to skin a minivan as a drivable canned ham trailer. Similar lines, though.
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    In the past, I'd made a diddly-bow out of 2x4s and some baling wire. But I like rhythm guitars, so I had an idea that I thought might work. I bought a used First Act guitar for $15, cut all the strings but the E, and turned the pickup sideways, cutting a sheet of plastic to give it a nice...
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    BO15 32 Motorbike

    I've acquired the fenders, though I'll have to do some fab work to make them look older. Shop time is on hold for a bit because of work.
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    Studebaker Pedal Car

    I adjusted the trim on the driver's side, to make it match the other side, and flow with the rest of the chrome trim.
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    Custom frame sizing help needed

    Seat tube is 22" there. I'm 6'3", and my perfect measurement from center of BB to bolt under the seat is 28", no less than 26". So, as long as you've got 4" of seat post sticking up out of the seat tube, then it'll probably be alright, actually. Yeah, it'll be good, now that I double checked...
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    Custom frame sizing help needed

    Seat tube looks a little short to me.
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    Attn fabricators

    So, you want a bracket put on a seat tube that would hold a Kryptonite lock? Am I understanding you?
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    opinions wanted

    So... where is this build? I haven't seen it in the build off.
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    I am a magnet for weird bike postings.

    I kind of like it.
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    BO15 32 Motorbike

    Fenders are coming.
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    BO15 32 Motorbike

    Finished the drop stand, which I made from scratch. I had to special order 3/4" channel, but it came out perfect. I used the torch to heat and bend, and used another drop stand I have as the template, simply making it 2 1/2" longer at the ends. I've got fenders coming, though the fender...