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    Pics from vintage BMX show, Eugene OR

    Does anyone remember a bike called a DRP...(Delta Racing Products?) My buddy Billy Fikse had one...he was FAST. Bike weighed like 18lbs. Had a bullhide seat, drilled cranks, 100% aluminum bike.
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    Such a killer video. Makes me miss Cali, which is NOT an easy task. Missing my youth on the other hand is a daily occurrence...I actually had an original GT bike. Chrome Frame and fork. I loved that bike. I cracked the frame going for a record (according to the sponsors at the time) bunny hop of...
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    Van Halen Frankenbike - The VH Cruiser

    paint looks great. No question where the inspiration came from.
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    Straightbar stylin'

    So I took the '62 out on its "maiden" voyage tonight. Was gonna go full BMX w 3 piece alloy cranks, polished alum wheels, etc, but I think I really this configuration...just a cool, solid cruiser.
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    Fatbelly Bobber - time for a cool change, now the Toadmaster

    maybe don't use a third party photo source so we can actually see the bike...those photo bucket strips are pretty distracting on an otherwise nice picture of a killer bike.
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    DB Silver Streak

    I think you did a killer job on the stencil and does look intentional.
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    DB Silver Streak

    can't beat an original loop tail.
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    62 Typhoon wheel set, original condition

    62 Typhoon wheelset, white w black pinstripe, perfectly straight, little rusty, but not bad for 58 years old. Both wheels spin nice and straight, and coaster brake works as it should. Comes with 2 brand new s-7 small brick whitewall tires. Trade for vintage bmx cruiser stuff, (bars, goose neck...
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    DB Silver Streak

    I hate when my balls go missing.
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    BMX Bratz bike - Done!

    Gotta tell ya...that first seat looked mighty uncomfortable...:rofl:
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    What stem would you suggest for a Klunker.

    Theres only one rule in graphic design: There are no rules...(except for all those other rules)
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    So I have this brilliant idea...

    Im sure its probably been thought of before, but it it literally just hit me as I was looking at picture of a bike called "devilwing". The name of the bike was below the photo of the bike in a cool, artistic font...same as they do in car mags...then it hit me. What would it take to turn RRB into...
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    The true value of this hobby...

    the car is my '50 Chevy Styline Deluxe. 2 door, mostly original, except paint and dual exhaust. Inline 6, 6 volt, 3 on the tree...another hobby of mine. Ive had a few others, looking for another C-10.
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    You know you have a problem with bicycles when...

    The thing with the holes is OBVOUSLY a handlebar mounted, downhill wind deflector
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    The true value of this hobby...

    So this little post is nothing more than to feed the need of the somewhat narcissistic "writer" that is buried deep within the guise of an old, ex BMX racer who still loves bikes and thinks what he has to say is of any importance amongst a sea of like minded individuals. I know it sounds odd...