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    best 45 bucks i ever spent

    Great ride, and I like your plans. :D
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    Yard Sale Find

    The old man is excited today! :D Ladies Firestone Cruiser. Great front fork, tail light housing, chain guard, . . . I want the rear rack. Expect I'll part out the rest. Will post photos in "For Sale" soon. Now I need a nap, before disassembly. :oops:
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    whats your favorite old tv shows or old shows do you like

    I Spy The Smothers Brothers It's About Time Tales of Wells Fargo (later Dale Robinson in Ironhorse) Men Into Space Science Fiction Theater Mike Hammer (w/ Daren McGavern, later in Riverboat and Night Stalker) Pete & Gladys Queen for a Day (whoever told the saddest story won a washing machine)...
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    Columbia RX-5

    Congratulations. That is truly a thing of beauty. :D
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    $40 bike repair stand from Northern Tool

    Haven't seen the rack, but their stuff is usually fairly decent. Looking forward to a serious review by a bike person. :?:
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    Funny CL Ad - Overpriced Junk For Sale - Available Anywhere

    I second those motions. Miss-used contractions are my peeve. A well crafted add can improve sales. You have to wonder if some of these folks can suck air without mechanical help!? :oops:
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    Swinging the Blue

    Flawless :!: :D :D :D
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    Great how-to :D
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    Sandblasting help

    Sand is the worst thing to use in a sand blaster. I got my abrasives from Harbor Freight, but pick it up, don't have it shipped. I didn't want a barrel full, just 5 - 50 lbs. at a time. I read one needs 7 cu. ft. per minute of air at 90 psi to blast well. Check your compressor output, and adjust...
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    Bicycle Porn & Evelyn-my project bike

    Wasn't trying to bait you, Steve. I knew it was Hooch. I've been a fan since I first saw his smiling face (on here). His Wright bicycle inspired my next project: something decent to do with a lightweight. See a lot of them cheap. You think Hooch is listening? :oops:
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    Repop parts...

    Oven baked clay, cast pewter, cast resin lenses. There are lot's of possibilities. Great winter projects here. :D :) :D
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    Repop parts...

    DIY reproductions - very interesting. I hope the juices continue to flow. Latex molds. cast resin, fiberglass, vacu-form, there are lots of possibilities.
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    Bicycle Porn & Evelyn-my project bike

    I receive Bicycle Porn on Facebook. Nice bike photos several times a week. (I think someone from here has something to do with it) Last photo was a bike made by Huffy. A comment explained how to decode part of the serial number. Evelyn is a 1975 model, same age as my son. At my age it isn't...
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    Just received an LED taillight. Only five days in transit. The best three bucks I ever spent. I put in my favorites. Also got a digital veneer caliper (stainless steel) for under $8. Came with battery plus a spare. Hey, my Huffy is from China. At least none of this money is going to...