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    Murray Firecat

    Check your messages please :thumbsup:
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    Good riders. Not stretched out like a rail, not cramped like the Columbia long wheelbase. Just right for me I know why they changed the gooseneck on the OP’s bike. PITA working with those bars. Worth it for the different look
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    Brake Job

    ‘ere go
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    1968 Schwinn Sting Ray

    Yeah I saw a gif somewhere yesterday of all the build off bikes and realized I was had. Guess I need to get out more
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    1968 Schwinn Sting Ray

    Love the foundation you have there. You could make it like a bazillion other rays or build on what you have and what you have is pretty awesome my opinion. Must be weird to be on an old banana bike that shifts solid and stops well. Whoever made it was a rider
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    Top Fueler Drag Forks 2019 READY!

    Folding is how I’ve heard it best described. You don’t turn the bike you fold it in the middle I’ve found sitting up close to the bars in turns helps. That and as you’ve said, slow down
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    Top Fueler Drag Forks 2019 READY!

    A few rides under your belt it gets easier. Keep a grip on the bars but the death grip works against you Takes the right ‘tude
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    JC HIGGINS 16 Inch Pig Finished!

    Really like this bike guy. Very nice.:thumbsup: I have to ask. Is the bike really that long? Looks to be comparable to a standard 20” frame.