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    Japanese Customs Mixed Bikes

    Funny. Pinto and Maverick should have its own thread! I promise to contribute. :rofl: But I was sitting in our ten year old Honda civic, waiting for my wife outside the eyeglass place. Had the stereo at optimum levels (NEVER allowed!) and people watching... I actually thought how much I...
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    Pinwheels by Murray

    Believe this is a 1970's model. I threw wheels from an old Ross bike I thought looked pretty cool on it. Rear rim has nasty dimple (got most of it out), and tires were rotted away as bike set outside for years before I got it.
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    Bikes with Hot Rods

    I have a similar crazy story from the late 60's. My cousin took me for a ride to the local country store on his older brothers awesome Triumph 650 (we had permission.) I was pretty terrified as we seemed to be going stupid fast. When we got back to the farm his brother asked how fast we were...
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    gearing a road bike

    Removed the bike rear wheel. Cassette is loose and I have to tighten it. Got accurate tooth count. Rear hub is a Shimano "sealed mech" FH-HG20. With Shimano 13-15-17-19-21-23-26 7-speed "H" Cassette. Crankset was smaller than stock at only 42t on the largest ring. So back to the gear inch...
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    Japanese Customs Mixed Bikes

    Wow, quite the place! Kool parts and swag too.
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    Build Tunes

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    Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel K-Mart.

    She is just fine... After a good breakfast. :)
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    Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel K-Mart.

    Digging through and cleaning up a pile of 20" wheels. This Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel was on the front of a Columbia Powder Puff Racer bike. I pulled of the rim strip and there was an old K-Mart price tag! Only rim I have ever seen with a legal warning stamped into it.
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    MBBO inspiration pics...

    Found Quite a few neat old ads (with prices). Oh the middle guy. I think he always had a cigar in his mouth. He did a few things...
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    Pinwheels by Murray.

    Not quite sure how I'm going to rejigger the parts yet, but at least I know now the Suntour coaster brake rear came from the Columbia Powder Puff Racer. Pretty stout wheel assembly. All spokes were about 1 1/2 turns loose! Just fine now. Even chrome is nice!
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    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    My "fix" which did not work involved cutting strips of bike inner tubes to hold the soft plastic jaws on the hard plastic clamps. They kept slipping off, then one day the jaw was just - gone, never to be seen again. :cry:
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    gearing a road bike

    Thanks guys. Matti, the bike is running 700 c 32's. I think you are right, the "difference maker" is high gear on the cluster is a 14t cog. Duchess, I'm glad you get my complaint re: low gearing. The thing is in my world this is a "skinny tire bike" and when the wife and I go riding I always...
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    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    You know, I have to say that this thread has value. I'm glad everyone can discuss this here. In my experience facebook is nothing like this. Please be careful out there!
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    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    I like mine pretty much as better than nothing. It's pretty delicate feeling but it works. The clamp is the weak spot for me. I have lost one of the orange pads that protect the frame of the bike, so I wrap it in a rag. the "toggle" function on the clamp has never really worked so I just...
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    Worksman Inb frame & fork

    8 minutes! :cool: