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    King Phillip

    When I become World Dictator, I'm going to outlaw cotter cranks.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    my CruX has been getting a fair amount of miles lately.
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    The Blockhead

    that z-shaped down tube is a huge nope.
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Couldn’t use Sugino crank. Harumpf. The threads are different. I’ve never encountered a one piece crank with different threads. I thought they were standard. These are courser. After about six threads it was off by a half. Anyway, repacked the original crank, removed most of the rust from the...
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    The race to a million by 2022!

    oh man. just shaking my head.
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    WWII Jeep tribute/Ratty bike.

    I've got army green coke bottle grips if you'd like - $17 shipped.
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    Abandoned Turnpike ride in Central PA

    oh dang, that's on my bucket list now for sure. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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    Free dirt free water bottle

    i like the crunchies that come along with my hydration when riding the cinder rail trails around here.
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    How’s everybody? Well, I hope. I stole away to the garage for a half hour tonight. Polished less than perfect FEMCO rear rim. Pitted but super shiny. In an attempt to save some patina I taped off factory decals and touched up black paint. I painted the bars flat black Found some...
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    Remember when . . .

    crazy to think when I was 12 I'd go off all day long on my Huffy muscle bike (1976 Stars n Stripes) and sometimes be as far away as 8 miles in the next town. We lived in Waterford CT and rode to New London shopping center and New London Mall. We'd be home at dark. How did our parents not...
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Ya Matti, a friend says he has a wheel that I gave him years ago. The hoop might be useable. And he knows how to build wheels. Win win. Perhaps. Meantime I’ll work on rest of bike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Tear down tonight. I’m unemployed so I have to do this as inexpensively as possible. So I’m going to trim the one pedal to look like other. The rear wheel is the real problem. It was probably run over. It’s potato chipped. I disassembled it. Did my best to make rim flat (it’s not). So...
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    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Having difficulty deciding ‘tween new black knobbies or tan sidewalls. It had tan when new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MBBO/BMXBO 2020-2021 RULES - READ FIRST!!!

    perhaps they were mimicking their fathers racing cyclocross.
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    BMX Bratz bike - Done!

    uh, that was quick. nice.