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    Fenderless Freddie

    freddie has a new head badge and auto cycle front end
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    60' corvette

    Man I think your bike turned out GREAT my friend! and thanks for the kind words about Fenderless Freddie. :D
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    Fenderless Freddie

    Here's my calendar pic of Fenderless Freddie, a 1953 Schwinn Hornet 2-speed kickback with Springer front end and Brooks seat. I built this bike in homage to my uncle Freddie.
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    fenderless Freddy

    thanks for all the great comments the seat post was used from a stock one
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    heres my schwinn
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    500 day Gasser

    bike turned out great nice job
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    fenderless Freddy

    Thanks for all the great comments .Here are a few shot some of u asked for
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    fenderless Freddy

    Heres some pics of my 1953 schwinn hornet. I finally got it the way I want it -- schwinn 26inch frame, Jerold slick, springer front, forks, laidback seat post built by Bikebuilder, schwinn two speed kick back hub, rims built buy RJ'S and trude by i.c.s., black leather brooks seat, b68 coke...
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    A guy buy the name Bart Fry owns it. The bike isvery cool he is a lead singer for a band in ohio real cool dude. The name of the band is My Three Sons.
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    24" and 26" Jerald Slick Tires (Square Tread)

    heres mine I really love these tires [/img]
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    my first bike build

    Thanks i really enjoy riding the bike its been a blast it has a two speed hub in it makes it nice [/img]
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    my first bike build

    heres a before[/img]
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    my first bike build

    I picked up a 1953 26inch schwinn hornet. The bike was in pretty good condition but I wanted to put my twist on thing so I obviously got my influence from stripped and teased. I built this bike in memory of my late uncle Freddie Marlowe, and I named it "Fenderless Freddie." He loved fenderless...
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    hello from Lebanon IN.

    just would like to say hello to all the ratrod bicycle people all I can say is that i have the bug
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    The Sucker Punch (New Bars- what do you think?)

    I like your seat where did u get it thanks k-mo