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    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (Trial & Error)

    That simple Pivot joint just might work IF it was flexible enough. Some of the early Cyclecars of the 20th century had a single-point steering setup and i'm told that they worked well enough.... I imagine there was a little 'bump-steer' at high speeds (45+ MPH)but the Falcon and similar...
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    My latest project, still no name...

    WELL NOW...... (Watching)
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Since I can't play worth crap (partly lack of time, partly Arthritis) I just roll my own out of scrap: At any rate, i'm in Lockdown now, so maybe I can practice a bit-oh who am I kidding, i've already torn apart a cheap broken Uke and getting ready to make a new Uke from the neck and a...
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    (For people who work at a a bike shop) Stupid and dangerous things on customer's bikes.

    MAYBE is one of the most dangerous words in the English language....having said that, GO FOR IT!!! :thumbsup:
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    (For people who work at a a bike shop) Stupid and dangerous things on customer's bikes.

    AAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Pedal Faster the Rolling Land Mine is gaining on us!!!!!!:13::13::eek::eek::eek:
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    VeloSwap Lazy Bee Cross Boo - Bamboo Frameset Build

    Well, I consider Bamboo to be an excellent material for Bikes-a bit trickier to work with than cro-moly and a torch, but very rewarding... And MazdaFlyer, as far as i'm concerned you can build with PVC, Jute twine, Crazy Glue and parts from a wrecked Baby carriage and i'll still cheer you on...
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    Fender mount help needed

    I am BY NO MEANS an experienced builder-but I am by nature a desperate scrounger....:grin: A piece of strap steel (roughly as ductile as the ones that fasten brake arms on the Coaster rims, or just a little harder) will work wonders. Bend two strips of steel 90 degrees and attach to the...
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    Do u ever sell a bike u made?

    I seldom deliberately sold any of my bikes. I have been known to give away a few though. My lovely old 1970 Schwinn single-speed cruiser went to a cousin when I had to move from Goldsboro to be nearer to my precious 1980 Emery was given to my neighbor when I went to...
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    Faux Pedersen Ortho

    Words fail me. So... :praise::praise::inlove::inlove::praise::praise::inlove::hi::hi::praise::praise::inlove::inlove::praise::praise:
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    King Krate

    I would be utterly TERRIFIED to ride that thing! It reminds me too much of my 7-year-old self on a $10 adult male Schwinn...who wasn't scared at all oddly enough... Sigh. I'm old. :( Still young enough to be a little jealous of you the design! :inlove:
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    King Krate

    Oh Heck...are you building a Musclebike/Tallbike? With a Springer to boot? (pastes an '11' on his Cool Dial). :praise::praise::praise::praise:
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    Ooooooooooooooooh! :inlove:
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    The gas mileage isn't the best part to me though so much as the utter mechanical simplicity of the beast-a simple GY-6 (the original Honda air-cooled 4-stroke, 2-valve 1-cylinder engine before Honda pulled the license and made their own) gravity-feed tank with vacuum pump, electric and...
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    Well, if you guys are including Schwinn Wizzers and Simplex Servi-cycles , I guess I can include my daily driver- Little Wing, a 2013 Zenn-n 50cc scooter. Despite the low-powered engine and the beefier-than-standard frame, she'll do an easy 45MPH at the local racetrack...but due to NC regs I...
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    The Grocery Getter

    Beautiful and can carry more than a Smart car...what's not to love? :113: