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    (MBBO) Class 1 Western Flyer Wheelie Bike

    Wow this thing is awesome, I've never seen this frame before... I'm assuming it's a 60's bike?
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    Bike that probably won't finish that you had hoped would finish

    That's exactly why I decided my first build needed to start in the build off... It would have never been finished!
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    Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

    Thanks! Probably just missed it because there are so many bikes in the build off it's impossible to keep up with all of them. I'd love to build you one but I had to go through a friend that could CNC it for me on his weekends. I've had a few people interested in the tank which has me thinking...
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    Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

    Thanks! Yeah, I like getting my hands dirty and making something by hand but I also love how precise you can get when using machines to help!
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    VOTE HERE!!!

    I'll be voting later tonight after I've had time to really look through the bikes again... it's going to be tough deciding on just three!
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    The Graverobber

    This bike has a great stance!
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    Really cool build, pretty sure my next bike NEEDS to be motorized!
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    Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

    Thanks, I ended up leaving it that way because I was afraid of messing it up when applying stain. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I still think it would look good with a little sheen but I'll have to experiment on a scrap piece of ply some day to make sure I like the look before I...
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    *** Blue Arrow & Minnehaha >>>>>

    Awesome build, love the sidecar and Minnehaha graphics!
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    Sin Nombre found it's name.

    The handlebar end caps are great! Very cool build!
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    Greetings From Michigan

    Welcome! Always good to see fellow Michiganders on here... I'm from the burbs of Detroit but living in Charlotte NC right now. Have fun with the build!
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    Official RRB Build Off 9 Finished Bike List

    Outskirtcustoms, I hope you're feeling better! I hate to be annoying and ask for my voting page picture changed but is that at all possible? It's the same image as the one already being used but re-cropped so the bike shows up larger. I noticed mine is a bit small compared to most so I wanted...
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    Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

    Anyone know the best way to have my main picture for the voting page changed to this?
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    Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

    Thanks guys, I added the two forgotten photos into my original finished post... saw that I had until 10 PM CST and realized I could add it just in time!
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    RE-TIRED STRIPPER - Formerly Spit Ply-er DONE (basically)

    The finished photos are up and you can check them out at this link!