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    WTB: Parts for 1969 Huffy Super Stock 5 & 24” Murray Eliminator Mark Four

    Check eBay for the guard for the Huffy Flaming Stack guard, they pop up there in the $150-175 range for nice guards without rust. For the Murray headbadge, you're just missing the reflector in the middle where the hole is. I think that reflector is the same as the ones on vintage bicycle...
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    St Digger class 1

    I'm diggin' that fork Dave! Let me know what you're looking for, I will see if I can help :D
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    Drag Stripper, or what's left of one

    Here is the eBay auction I saw for the frame caps: This guys doesn't seem to have them any longer, but I'm sure other sellers do.
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    Drag Stripper, or what's left of one

    It sure is! Very neat save on that one. Those frame caps are available in eBay, they are for cars I think, let me see if I can find the auction with them. They are cheap, like $1.
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    1967 Huffy The Rail

    What a good friend indeed! I agree with Jaxon, it is a 1967 frame with the carryover 1966 shifter and parts. I bet that was an early production 1967 bike. Very cool score! It is very clean and other than the pedals and maybe the front tire it looks to have all the original parts.
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    Kingfish254's Finds - Mar01 Ruff Streamliner

    VERY cool Mark II Eliminator! That is a rare one, might be a non-Murray badge too? I think the 20 x 20 had a 1 3/8 front tire, your bike has a 1.75. Maybe it was a build for a department store and could be one of a kind. Congrats!
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