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    Moving to the MAD MAX locale!

    That is some very good news! :) We all need that!
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    Felt Drillium Chainring Wanted

    Pictures of what you are looking for always helps!
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    Coronavirus family bike ride.

    Great pictures again! :thumbsup:
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    Car Swap Meet Finds

    This will be affecting alot.... Sad. Any word if it will affect the Haysville Swap?
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    2011 Felt Shelby Cruiser

    How about posting your pics of Felt Shelby bikes here?
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    New guy.

    Welcome from Iowa! :hi:
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    Life's a Beach!

    Keep 'em coming @Davo1970 ! Great pictures! :thumbsup: Thanks for posting them.
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    Dyno Ultaglid

    I have seen pictures of tanks like that...maybe on here. But definitely a cool bike for someone depending on the dollar figure. Dyno bikes ride excellent and are very well built.
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    Dyno Ultaglid

    Very cool.... Yours?
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    Any idea what bike is this?

    Schwinn straightbar with a bent fork. Buy it! :)
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    Steady Bicycle??

    Back to the original question.... @Rat Rod posted a review and I think a video on them. @irideiam I think you will find it on the HOME page.
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    1998 Western Flyer cruiser bike.

    Are you sure it's 1998? I know Columbia built them and then later Emory.
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    I think it's better as a kickback. Cleaner look with no cables and brakes! I like it. :)
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    1947 girls Monark

    That is excellent! :) Girls bikes are highly underrated!
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    2000 Cannondale H300

    It looks like a great bike! How do you like it? As high as the seat is I am surprised you don't have the handlebars a little farther forward.