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    Original owner 1967 Buzz Bike Eliminator

    Just got this perfect Buzz Bike Eliminator, from the original owners family. He sadly passed away last year, vary thankful for the opportunity to preserve this piece of Americana. I used all my period correct aftermarket parts on it, once I got it home. The original owner was a Mantle...
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    Whhhhhhhut that's bad to the bone !! :cool2: Turned out really well :41:
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    RatFink Supreme

    Thanks for all the kind words :praise:
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    The Bluebird of Happiness

    The aesthetics !! :inlove:
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    Coke krate

    Super cool little bike !
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    BO15 Ratfink Supreme - Back From The Dead !

    Thanks ! Means a lot from a builder like you :praise:
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    1950s Columbia Project $200 shipped.

    $200 shipped, nice bones !
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    Apache Drag Bike

    Dig it ! :cool:
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    (Trike-Tor)...WAHA-SEDB-3 (#2 - Class 1)

    Love this thing sooooo much ! such a fun build :heart:
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    Ultra Blue

    Love those frames ! looks great
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    real classic Rat !! :cool2:
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    Now that's hot :rockout: