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    Dragster Bike 1969 Popular Mechanics
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    1937 Schwinn

    supposedly there is a little hump for a wire to run through on some of the fender braces on Auto/Aero cycles, some Motorbikes that make them particularly rare. It was there for lights - I don't know if this is actually true.
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    1937 Schwinn

    Those fenders are probably worth trying to have rolled out by someone with a machine. Even if they're too far gone... if the braces have a divet in them for a wire to run under them, they're worth something themselves.
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    Goodrich Schwinn

    Sent you a PM. Bob Hufford on might want it or know someone that would be willing to pay for it. I would love to have that bike, but I would bet there's someone that would be willing to pay more than I would or could for it.
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    I'm going to try the old Oven Cleaner trick, if that doesn't work, never tried the Xymol one, might give that a whirl. Kickback is going on my '62 Typhoon, I fried the one on it last year (I think) need to have that one rebuilt now.
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    Prewar Hiawatha - Board Track Style

    Perfection. The frame is killer.
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    This one slipped through the cracks of the Kansas City Craigslist today for a measly sum. Seems like the kickback is functioning - which is all I wanted off of it! Looks like a can of Krylon exploded on it. :?
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    Don't be Jealous

    Sometimes you bring something home - then really have to ask yourself - WHY?! :? :roll: I think I'll try to get it riding without replacing any parts, soak the chain, try air up the tires and see if I can meet my out of pocket maximum on my insurance for the year. Either that or chain it up...
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    Maroon Hawthorne - Cleaning Up Nice! -1939 Snyder Built

    This: to Still needs a truss rod bracket and some mechanical overhaul, but I'm really happy with how it's coming along.
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    Petty Cash

    2002 ish Redline Petty Cash. Gotta love "big trash" pickup time. Lots of goodies on this one.
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    Cresent find UPDATE

    Re: Cresent find So much for that theory! Those are great bikes and as you can see, if you choose, they dress up even nicer. Columbias are first rate bikes though. Really nice piece to hang on to.
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    Gary Fisher Simple City

    A friend bought a farmhouse on a gravel road and decided she couldn't use this anymore. I was glad to take it! :D
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    1939 Hawthorne Comet #3 - El Torreon

    Second year in a row bringing this model home, brings me up to 3 total in my collection. 1939 Hawtorne Comet. Kansas City must have had a lot of these rolling around! This is the fourth one I have owned. Going to borrow the truss rod bracket for a nicer bike while I work this one over...
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    Peddlers Spring Show and Swap

    Super! I'm sure at least one, or one cheap enough bike with one will show up - thanks!!
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    Peddlers Spring Show and Swap

    I need a "CWC" style truss rod bracket - the kind that the truss rod holes face forward on. Came on a lot of Hawthorne's, lower end Monarks and other various bikes up into the 50's.