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    Bikes made before 1920.

    Everything I have is disassembled or incomplete right now.
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    First time seeing a Kamra road bike.

    There are certainly a lot of worse bikes out there. All the Nishiki bikes I've seen have been acceptable quality.
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    green singrays $87.99 FREE SHIP

    Be aware that it seems likely that it is a scam site.
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    First time seeing a Kamra road bike.

    I guess it was a sub-brand "designed by Nishiki". The aero tubing is cool.
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    BO15 Stretch chopper bobber thingamajig

    Lookin' good, great job on that seat too.
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    1964 Puch/Sears/J.C. Higgins bikes.

    My favorite is the version with chrome head tube lugs and fork crown.
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    Crack in rim?

    They keep the hubs clean and shiny.
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    1956 Schwinn straight bar value

    Seems fair, I'm surprised it hasn't sold already if it's been on there for 27 days.
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    BO15 XLR8

    Yes, it's a suspension fork from a 20" bike, but not a very good one. It has about an inch of travel and seems to take a fair amount of pressure to compress, so I imagine it was basically useless on a kids bike. I can't get the tire to hit the crown, but it might loosen up with fresh grease so...
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    BO15 XLR8

    I haven't had the time to do many major work, but I got the rims and fork I'll be using mounted up.
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    Bad Ebay bike deals.

    These bikes retail for $148 new.
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    Here's an untouched example of the western flyer version, basically the same as the huffy.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I had to add a bit of clearance for the hub and sprocket. I put the swingarm together this way with the dropouts on the outside edge to make it as narrow as possible.
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    BO15 XLR8

    Thats the idea right now, If it doesn't work out like I want it's easy to make it rigid.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I made a little progress on the back of the bike. It's been a bit slow going, but it's getting there. I ended up putting the rear wheel a bit farther back which stretches out the bike a bit. Hopefully this will help the leg room without the seat ending up behind the axle.