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    Locked down in Brisbane.

    Brisbane "lockdown" Call me when you get to six months of isolating and 5000 new cases a day o_O Although I know from experience NSW cops don't f around when it comes to handing out $200 fines, I'm sure QLD cops are similar. Chicago, you have to shoot someone to get them to do enforce...
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    Smallest headtube I have ever seen.

    Think that was a simpsons episode :grin:
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    I need to shim up from 22.2 to 24.5. I know there's pre made shims, but what are some common tricks for this size? This isn't for the stem, it's for attaching a switch made for 1" motorbike bars.
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    Old Soviet Motorcycle Restoration

    Ural 2WD is on my list of dream bikes
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    Getting to Know Matti

    Cool pic
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    Weird things

    Might be cool on an ebike. So when you're cruising with just the motor you can have your feet even? Like motorbike pegs
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    STOLEN!! Please keep a eye out

    That's some ........, skip Unbelievable. Hope you get it back
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    Knife buildoff challenge

    Added the Falstaff rule to the rules post
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    Knife buildoff challenge

    The rules so far In addition to what's in that post I've also clarified for Falstaff, that it doesn't strictly have to be a knife if you want to make another bladed tool or weapon, like an...
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    Springer on a Townie?

    That looks like it could work. I'd think your worry points would be if the connection between the expansion wedge in the adapter and the springer steerer can handle the extra strain of holding a threadless fork together, as under regular circumstances its only tough job is stopping the...
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    Yeah, spring hooks onto the same spot on the hanger as on a derailleur. Can't use it with a coaster. But the established wisdom I'd heard was that you can't use any tensioner with a coaster. Which you're clearly proving wrong! :bigsmile: Do you feel like it's sturdy enough for reliable braking?
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    That looks like a fun bike. Mid-drive it and so some sweet jumps! You probably said already, but is tha a 24 or 26 thick brick on the back? Also, how do find that style of chain tensioner Compared to the derailleur hanger style? Which seems to be more common, at least around here.
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    Knife buildoff challenge

    Next time round we'll do Rat Rod Drums challenge
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    Sleeping Giant

    It is? :bigsmile: That's the direction I've always put half link chains on. I should probably look that up. I like it too. I prefer it on like a scrambler or adventure styled bike. On the other side would be a race number plate or high rise exhaust pipes. On this bike I'm not sure it would...
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    Sleeping Giant

    Okie dokie. Christmas brought some bike related presents and last night brought some progress. Duro diamond tread 26 tire for the front. Looks perfect, but makes me want to change to a similar tread 24x3 for the rear, which is practically impossible. I got two kickstands. One is ugly on...