Comments on Profile Post by Wyndavy

  1. LukeTheJoker
  2. Wyndavy
    For whatever reason, I can't seem to add any of my build photos to the album I created! Every time I click add media, and select a photo it says ERROR! Any suggestions? I would like to put my bike in the build off! Thanks!
    Jul 18, 2016
  3. LukeTheJoker
    Is the size of the photo under the limit ? I think it is (1600x1600px)
    Jul 19, 2016
  4. Wyndavy
    It is! I am using Firefox. Could that be the reason? The Properties of the photo says 480x640 pixels. Do I need permission to add the photos to my own album? This is hard!
    Jul 27, 2016
  5. LukeTheJoker
    Maybe try Chrome?
    Aug 1, 2016