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  1. Rotten_Spokes

    1956 X53 Custom Paint

    I've had this bike for almost six years now and because it was a crappy house repaint with all the og paint previously stripped I had it bare metal for years. It started rusting more then it already was so I decided to paint it. Think it came out pretty good. -Sam Sent from my SM-G935V using...
  2. Rotten_Spokes

    Rotten Thermador Swamp Cooler

    Recently saved this from a small junkyard that's being cleaned up to put up yet another Dollar General. I am currently trying to make a new vent for it and a the other pieces I'm missing, will post progress pics. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  3. Rotten_Spokes

    Truss Frame Iver & 28" Girl's Elgin

    Picked these up recently, have been looking for a Truss Iver for a while. I already have a set of 700c rims to put on the Iver and hope to be riding it in the summer. -Sam
  4. Rotten_Spokes

    Ready To Sell Need Room! Six Bikes Up for Grabs.

    I'm in the mood to get rid of quite a bit local Pickup preferred but will ship if bike sells for $100 or more buyer pays bike flights. All prices obo but at most I'm only making a couple bucks. Located in Midvale, Ohio. 1. Fleet Wing CWC $225 (Springer Forks) *Rear spokes need redone 2...
  5. Rotten_Spokes

    1955 Hornet & 1959 Roadmaster

    First up is a 1959 Roadmaster Sky King, don't see many of these. Torn down to bare frame cleaned, wheels laced, new chain, tires and tubes ready to go $325. Second is a 1955 Hornet with a Panther tank and rack. 26" S2s front and back, believe the paint was touched up on this one but not a total...
  6. Rotten_Spokes

    Not Your Average AMF Skyrider

    I know I've seen other AMFs with similar tanks but I've never seen one with this rack and the metal 'Roadmaster' emblems on the tank, Google doesn't turn up any either. Anyone here have one similar?
  7. Rotten_Spokes

    JC Higgins Parts

    Looking for some parts for this bike, mainly the fenders and chainguard I should have most everything else correct for it. The red bike is what I have the nicer bike is the goal for it it also shows what fenders and guard I'm looking for. Thanks, -Sam Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. Rotten_Spokes

    Stelber LeBaron Weird Boy's Tank Bike

    Recently picked up this oddball bike, it's definitely the first I've seen. It's a 26x1.75 tire bike but with the right fenders could easily be converted to a balloon tire bike which I might do if I can find some similar patina fenders. Really weird bottom bracket, hinged and held together with...
  9. Rotten_Spokes

    Sam's End of Summer Bike Sale

    Alright I have a few bikes in need of new homes. Buyer pays shipping costs or picks it up, located in Midvale, Ohio. Have more detail shots for those interested. Early 1960s West Germany built Bauer, don't see these often, original paint. Front wheel isn't correct. $250 MW Hawthorne...
  10. Rotten_Spokes

    Early 1900s Triple Tandem

    I'm currently working to get the history on this bike put to paper but here's a quick synopsis: I bought this bike off of Marcy who's Great-Grandfather built it for her and her two siblings (because she was youngest and couldn't reach the pedals she always rode in the middle.) When it was first...
  11. Rotten_Spokes

    A Tandem, Two 24 Inches, and a 26 Inch $350

    Need space and cash for another project so all four of these bikes are up for grabs for $350. Pretty firm on the price but would do a partial trade for a prewar boys frame. Homemade Elgin/Murray tandem, a 24" Hawthorne, a 24" Columbia, and a 26" Hawthorne. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  12. Rotten_Spokes

    Musselman Coaster Brakes T Shirts

    After what seemed like forever I finally got these printed and they came out really good. I have 10 XL, 8 L, and 5 M I will get more if these go. Price is $25 shipped in the US, $20 if you get it off me in person. Might get out to the Bicycle Heaven swap August 26th I will bring them there...
  13. Rotten_Spokes

    1941 Elgin Long Tank

    Picked this up off a friend who got it out of a barn he tore down. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  14. Rotten_Spokes

    SOLD Murray Fleetwood

    Looking to sell this one to a good home. Will sell for $425 obo plus shipping. Looking for prewar Cycletruck parts and X53 fender spike and light top, will work out deals on those parts. Don't wish to part it out. Thanks for looking, -Sam
  15. Rotten_Spokes

    Prewar CycleTruck

    Here's my first CT she is rough but nothing that can't be fixed. This one I'll restore which I rarely do; won't do a to the T restoration as in not everything will be Cycletruck-specific. It's time I had a bike to roll around swap meets with and what better then one designed to haul stuff...
  16. Rotten_Spokes

    Four Bikes Various Brands/Years

    Trying to make some money for another bike. Can ship all but the tandem I have a bike shop pack and send them out they charge $40 to do that plus whatever bike flights costs they're good at packing them. I'm in Midvale, Ohio. Thanks for looking, -Sam Blue & White CWC been rapainted seems a...
  17. Rotten_Spokes

    Green Murray Aeroline

    Been a while since I've posted but it's also been a while since I found something worth posting about picked this up on a trade all original I think the forks might be bent. Anybody having a matching chain guard? She's been used but this is exactly the condition I love to find these bikes...
  18. Rotten_Spokes

    This Weekend Sept 11 Bicycle Show Midvale, Ohio

    This will be our sixth year of the Midvale Miners Festival but this will be the first year to have bicycles in our car show. We've got plenty of door prizes to give out and a best of show trophy for the bicycles. Any questions just let me know! I'll have a few of my bikes there but since I help...
  19. Rotten_Spokes

    Metal Clad Wood Rims

    Ok so I posted this a little while ago and didn't have much luck pinning down exactly what it is but I have better pics now. It's is a 28 inch and all the wood is solid I think the petrified tires saved them from rot. Thanks, -Sam
  20. Rotten_Spokes

    A Pug-Nosed Tow Truck

    Was on an hour and a half drive home last week and decided to take a back route home to bypass highway traffic and I come across this truck that with any luck will be on a trailer home this week. It's a 1946 Dodge with a flat-head six cylinder and Holmes wrecker crane; I plan on leaving it just...