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    best 45 bucks i ever spent

    Great ride, and I like your plans. :D
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    Yard Sale Find

    The old man is excited today! :D Ladies Firestone Cruiser. Great front fork, tail light housing, chain guard, . . . I want the rear rack. Expect I'll part out the rest. Will post photos in "For Sale" soon. Now I need a nap, before disassembly. :oops:
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    whats your favorite old tv shows or old shows do you like

    I Spy The Smothers Brothers It's About Time Tales of Wells Fargo (later Dale Robinson in Ironhorse) Men Into Space Science Fiction Theater Mike Hammer (w/ Daren McGavern, later in Riverboat and Night Stalker) Pete & Gladys Queen for a Day (whoever told the saddest story won a washing machine)...
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    Columbia RX-5

    Congratulations. That is truly a thing of beauty. :D
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    $40 bike repair stand from Northern Tool

    Haven't seen the rack, but their stuff is usually fairly decent. Looking forward to a serious review by a bike person. :?:
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    Funny CL Ad - Overpriced Junk For Sale - Available Anywhere

    I second those motions. Miss-used contractions are my peeve. A well crafted add can improve sales. You have to wonder if some of these folks can suck air without mechanical help!? :oops:
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    Swinging the Blue

    Flawless :!: :D :D :D
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    Great how-to :D
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    Sandblasting help

    Sand is the worst thing to use in a sand blaster. I got my abrasives from Harbor Freight, but pick it up, don't have it shipped. I didn't want a barrel full, just 5 - 50 lbs. at a time. I read one needs 7 cu. ft. per minute of air at 90 psi to blast well. Check your compressor output, and adjust...
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    Bicycle Porn & Evelyn-my project bike

    Wasn't trying to bait you, Steve. I knew it was Hooch. I've been a fan since I first saw his smiling face (on here). His Wright bicycle inspired my next project: something decent to do with a lightweight. See a lot of them cheap. You think Hooch is listening? :oops:
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    Repop parts...

    Oven baked clay, cast pewter, cast resin lenses. There are lot's of possibilities. Great winter projects here. :D :) :D
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    Repop parts...

    DIY reproductions - very interesting. I hope the juices continue to flow. Latex molds. cast resin, fiberglass, vacu-form, there are lots of possibilities.
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    Bicycle Porn & Evelyn-my project bike

    I receive Bicycle Porn on Facebook. Nice bike photos several times a week. (I think someone from here has something to do with it) Last photo was a bike made by Huffy. A comment explained how to decode part of the serial number. Evelyn is a 1975 model, same age as my son. At my age it isn't...
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    Just received an LED taillight. Only five days in transit. The best three bucks I ever spent. I put in my favorites. Also got a digital veneer caliper (stainless steel) for under $8. Came with battery plus a spare. Hey, my Huffy is from China. At least none of this money is going to...
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    Farmall build idea

    Reflective tape would make a functional triangle. You could cut down a real triangle & just add red tape. That would give you a stout backing as well. I didn't think I'd like this project (too many green bikes with yellow wheels), but I'm starting to get into it. Please keep us posted.
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    Steve wants our help

    BUMP !!! Please ! :!: :?:
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    Steve wants our help

    In about 7 days 1341 members voted in the build-off. Steve has been asking for input about the direction of OUR site. In 6 days only 66 votes have been cast. ---- What do You want from RRB? ---- You can tell Steve through his poll under Bike Talk. Don't bend his ear for a page and...
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    Tell us what ticks you off..

    I am deeply saddened and ticked off by the ignorant, misplaced anger empty-headed wing nuts spout. The poor & disadvantaged are always targets, blamed for society's ills. Does WalMart really need tax breaks to build new stores? Do we need to end Medicare to control spending? Do the rich really...
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    Building a bike for my girl, which one poll

    A classy lady deserves a Classy Colson. Good luck, no matter your choice.