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    my brick grips would match those tires nicely.
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    The Black Monark

    that messenger bag is beautiful.
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    We bought a 100+ year old stone cottage!

    congratulations! Have fun making it your home.
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    Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

    yep, still selling. Search eBay seller ijt64 if interested, or message me here. clamdigger - I had another customer tell me their grips were loose. It's not a common complaint (only two in ten years), but it makes me wonder how often it happens. I measured a dozen bars in my parts...
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    Bicycle Swap Meet Sunday March 22 CANCELED CANCELED Thompson CT / Former Dudley bike show

    I posted this on my Thompson Classic Fb page, and on the NERRB Fb page.
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    1940s hiawatha build.

    I can sell you a black leather (real cowhide) with black springs and hardware saddle like Wildcat posted for $28 shipped if you like. Closeout sale - when they're gone they're gone.
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    BB Gun bb's for "70 Raleigh Sports headset?

    quote/chuckle of the day: "Take your balls into a bike shop and they can measure them for you."
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    Really Cool Bicycle Shirts For Sale

    I cringe thinking how many of those you might be stuck with. ?
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    What have you been riding lately?

    took the Surly Wednesday to my first snow ride this past Saturday - a race actually. The Springside Slammer in Pittsfield, MA. Holy heck it was tough. I've been racing since the 80s and this one goes down as one of the tougher ones. FWIW, other than cyclocross, I'm predominantly a roadie.
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    1951 J.C. Higgins

    SO GOOD.
  12. ifitsfreeitsforme

    1951 J.C. Higgins

    except for the seat, this bike is fantastic. I really like all the parts you chose/made.
  13. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Year of the Rat ?! RRB Build Off #15 !

    it's all been leading up to this.
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    Steriotypical Messenger Bike

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    Help ID cheap Cruiser for a newb?

    kinda looks like a Huffy Good Vibrations
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    Columbia Fire Arrow Project Pile

    that's a nice project.
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    "Ground Hugger" Recumbant DIY project from April 1969 Popular Mechanics Magazine

    takes some balls to steal a bike like that. It's not like you can disguise it.
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    Coaster Brake Challenge 23

    those home-made heat sinks are the nugget.
  19. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Surly Bicycles

  20. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Obscure racing bikes and parts.

    I wanted these Suntour shifters back in the day. Prelims to the brifters era.