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  1. KevinM

    Wanted. Schwinn lil tiger

    I have a bunch of them little ones. No coppertones. Most have ducktail rear fenders and wing tips guards. I don't like the later full coverage fenders or guards. I am in Texas and I just moved them to Oklahoma with the rest of my collection. LMK if I can be of help. I do have parts also. Just PM me.
  2. KevinM

    Schwinn Pedals

    How good of shape do they need to be in?
  3. KevinM

    WTB: Wald Tomahawk Stem

    I saw a NOS one that Syndebike had go for over $1770 last week. Yes there was no dot in there.
  4. KevinM

    Banana seat clamp and shim

    PM me.
  5. KevinM

    Wanted Black Phantom parts

    Yes it is
  6. KevinM

    Union or Sturmey 28h front drum brake hub

    I have a sturmey archer 36 hole front drum.
  7. KevinM

    Wanted Black Phantom parts

    I can help you on brake arm strap and axle nuts for the front hub.
  8. KevinM

    Wanted Red BMX tire

    And the size is?
  9. KevinM

    BMX Double Clamp Slant Stem - Bendix or Shimano High Flange REAR Hub - WTB
  10. KevinM

    Coppertone Fastback chainguard

    PM me if you need both of those items still.
  11. KevinM

    26" CroMo 1" Klunker/Cruiser Forks

    PM me if you still need a set.
  12. KevinM

    SOLD Schwinn Bolt On Cantilever Set

    Those pads that sold you make the calipers.
  13. KevinM

    REDUCED Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy Springer fork

    What size of Hoppy?
  14. KevinM

    Mini reflectors & 1940's tag

    This is what I have.
  15. KevinM

    Hoosier Show & Swap 1/25/2020

    I have always liked that show.
  16. KevinM

    20” coaster brake mag

    Alloy or plastic?
  17. KevinM

    4mm barrel end brake/shift cable.

    So like a Shimano twist shifter cable? I have those also.
  18. KevinM

    4mm barrel end brake/shift cable.

    Isn't that the same size as a normal brake cable end. Krates used that style of end on their shifters.
  19. KevinM

    ISO Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    I think I have a frame. Is that like a Screamer frame?
  20. KevinM

    SOLD Schwinn Krate Pedals

    Good score.