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  1. dezzie

    Half link chain extension.

    I am restoring a vintage bike with a modern twist, i bought 3 new shimano half link chains a few years ago but they are too short individually so can i extend it by connecting the 2nd chain and using the quick links it has to use both ends once i remove enough links to work out its length, will...
  2. dezzie

    20" fat ebike conversions

    Bored with super 73 and its many clones out there, there are kids bikes with the 20x4" fat wheels but was thinking they would look cool converted but with a banana seat and seat stays with tall bars or apes, the market is flooded with crappy clones everywhere with uncomfortable riding ergos and...
  3. dezzie

    Chain advice?

    I am building a vintage bike with modern components, i bought a Shimano nx01 oval link chain for the bling factor but its too short, so i bought 2 more as they were reduced to a 3rd of their price, can i join 2 chains together as i only need around 8 inches of the other chain to extend it, is...
  4. dezzie

    Fat tyred 20" cruiser builds!

    Posted a query on the RRB facebook page, who has built any cruisers or customs using the fat tired 20" wheel fat bikes or equivelent and what have you done? they are ripe for ape hangers and banana seats but what else have you done to make one stand out? Have you an old 20" bike and used the...
  5. dezzie

    Red Baron over Water!

    My 2015 Felt Red Baron with some minor changes on the Millenium Bridge over the River Tyne in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
  6. dezzie

    Anyone made there own racks?

    I have a 50 year old Moulton, the original racks are hard to find and usually sell for silly money yet they seem simply made from round bar bent to shape and welded up, was thinking if i made a jig to the same dimensions as the original and just bend the rod around to get the outline then weld...
  7. dezzie

    Electra lux fat d single and 7 speed
  8. dezzie

    anyone seen these before?

    Been offered this and cash for my felt cruiser, looks wild but have no clue what it is, I doubt it will fit me either but if its worth something it may be worth my while.
  9. dezzie

    Tank plates?

    I have seen dummy tank in fills put in the holes of the frames, using straps around the bar, Velcro, welded on tabs etc but how do they fit them with none of these on show? just fitting a metal plate that looks like its floating or a Perspex panel where the mounts don't look half ..... and I...
  10. dezzie

    Biggest rims to fit a Felt deep 6?

    I have a new 2015 Red Baron which has the same frame as the deep 6, looks like there is space for much wider rims but I am not sure, the back looks fine, more unsure about the standard front forks although slimmer tyres would be fitted on the rims, I am hoping I can get some 26x80mm rims in...
  11. dezzie

    Widest 26" rim that fits a new shape felt cruiser frame!

    Just wondering what is the widest tallest rim I can fit on my felt red baron frame same as the deep 6 frame? I have 26" x 50mm rims as standard, would like to fit 80mm rims but thought I could only do that with a 24" rim, seems like I have a lot of space eyeballing it to fit the 26" rims in...
  12. dezzie

    Headlight mounting suggestions?

    I have a vintage headlight which has the mount attached to the body of the light, the other end would slide over a headset mounted bracket usually but as I have a bmx stem on my felt this bracket will not fit, I would prefer to mount it via the brake hole on the forks but cant find a bracket...
  13. dezzie

    Photoshoppers needed!

    I am deciding on some new shoes for my Felt and considering thickslicks but also curious as to what some whitewalls will look like, anyone handy with photoshop or similar who can draw me on some whitewalls I will be truly appreciative!
  14. dezzie

    Cruisers on slicks!

    After seeing a few bikes now fitted with thickslick tyres, I would like to see a page dedicated to cruisers, klunkers and anything else using fat slick tyres, schwalbe kojaks etc etc as I really dig the look, schnot rod has done it, I want to see more!
  15. dezzie

    Felt grips?

    What have folks done to change the grips on the 3 speed felts? I would like to fit some nicer grips on my new bike when it comes and I don't care much for the standard grips, I have seen grips that allow for twist grips on ebay but want something nice not tacky! Any ideas?
  16. dezzie

    Anyone thought of these for lighting? or similar types of lighting for a cheap lightbar set up? could have one between the fork legs vertically...
  17. dezzie

    Futuristic cruisers for the next generation?

    I love this site and love all the wild and wacky builds folk do on here, but was thinking instead of looking back at retro what about a trend for looking into the future while keeping a cruiser type theme, i.e an ultra modern cruiser, super slick with space age modern materials, some off the...
  18. dezzie

    Not my bike but had to share!

    Dutch guy just built this on a facebook forum, it is amazing, stunning etc etc so many things I keep coming back to look at and drool over!
  19. dezzie

    Hi from the UK!

    Just managed to get myself an electra rally sport in white from ebay, get it Monday hopefully, 41 yrs old and feeling like 61, years of gyms, fitness, teaching thai boxing has took its toll on my joints and even mountain biking is as much fun as pulling teeth so piling the pounds on, anyways...