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  1. Nubby

    Cheap and effective way to remove powder coating?

    Hiya fellas! I'm currently working on a chopped bicycle frame and I'm planning on doing a real fancy paint job. Probably something like marble paint. Those kinds of paint are hella lot of work, but turn out amazing if you take the time to do it right. I already did a bunch of TIG welding on it...
  2. Nubby

    Fake-Rust Paint Job?

    Hi there, I am building a bike and I am aiming for a more rat rod like one. Ofcourse, being a rat rod, it is supposed to be weathered. So I want to create a fake-rust paint job. I am currently experimenting with different paints. But does anyone have some links or info or maybe even a brand of...
  3. Nubby

    First bike, Board Track Racer

    I'm starting the build of my first bike, and I might as well do it right. So I've decided to make it a Board Track Racer. Here's a link to the build page
  4. Nubby

    Beach Cruiser to Board Track Racer

    Starting on my first build right now, I've already found a suitable bike for the build. I wanted to make a sort of Board Track Racer that was re-purposed as a street racer in the 50'. It will look and have the components of a 20' racer, but with the paint techniques of the 50'. Sort of a early...
  5. Nubby

    Move the seat to the back?

    I've seen some people move their seats further to the back above the fenders... I can't think of a proper way to do this myself. I think I should make custom parts?