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    Ay body seen “Tour de Pharmacy”?

    This is an HBO mockumetery about doping in the Tour de France. It’s kinda bazaa.
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    May, 1931 track bicycle

    Got this today. Needs an overhaul of bearings. It may have 27 inch tubulars, which will require new wood rims to make it rideable. Ill have to measure it as the tires have no size on them.
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    Sort of virtual classic bicycle 31 day race

    Since many of us are cooped up and social distance seems to be putting the damper on fun I thought an I dare ya race might be fun. You can start as early as today and then see how many miles you can ride a vintage bicycle in a month ( 31 days ). Like the 12 hours of Road America or the old time...
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    Musselman armless coaster brake fix

    I have two and they spin backwards when you try to stop, no coaster brake. I took one apart and found there is a steel wedge in there that looks like it was cut from pipe. I think this wedge moves and is either the brake shoe or it moves and pushes the brake shoes apart. This wedge was polished...
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    My new Schwinn Paramount

    I found this on Saturday hanging on a mailbox with a sign that said free bikes. This was the only one still there when I got there. The tip was from my mailman. I guess ordering all kinds of bike parts that are too big for my mailbox made him aware of my bike faddis. I want to know a little more...
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    76 mile solo gravel ride

    oo I did this yesterday, Friday, May 22. No cell service. Nine twenty ounce bottles of hydration and a lot of food and repair stuff. Forty Fahrenheit when I started and 80 Fahrenheit by two pm. No one else that rides as slow as I do has enough miles to do this yet so I did it solo. Saw deer...
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    Evening on the water

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    Covert 19 ride

    One of of daYoopers on dis ride kept calling the pandemic "Covert". There was an MD. along on the ride but there was no way he could correct him. The MD and I kept making jokes about the secret virus or the undercover virus but he didn't get it. Covet it is. It's not like it it's a joke with...
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    BO15 The Silver Maggot reborn

    I swore off this build off but I found an old forgotten project that needs to be done and outta here. Some of you may remember my Silver Maggot bare metal clunker that I built to race about 5 years ago. It survived the race but shortly thereafter the Bendix manual two speed blew up. I dismantled...
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    Build Challenge- RRB software

    Last I looked RRB needs $170 from us users to reimburse the cost of the software upgrades. This was necessary so the users (you) could continue to post here. If you give $10, $20 or $50 I’ll match Your gift up to the point where we have the $170. Come on, take it out on me. I must have rubbed...
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    Evening on the lake

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    Easter storm

    It’s sunny out for the first time since the Easter storm so I took a picture. It’s going to snow later today and tomorrow. I hope only a dusting.
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    April 9th blizzard

    This blizzard is predicted to last on and off for 7 days. It feels and looks like the end of November instead of April. This is to be expected and always happens this time of year, but it’s not appreciated. The wind is roaring out of the north, rattling the house. The air is white. I posted a...
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    Faux wood rims

    I have two bikes that use 28 x 1 1/2 single tube tires. I have a set of extra alloy coaster wheels. I replaced the half inch pitch cog with an Ichi Bike one inch pitch cog. To make them appear original I cleaned the rims, buffed them with fine steel wool and taped the nipples. I smeared 5...
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    It’s a beautiful day

    Nice, before the predicted rain snow storm.
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    My wife and I drove 97.4 miles to vote today. We made a day of it, pasties for lunch, grocery shopping and thrift store cruising. I bough this Cyclops trainer for $4.00 at Vinnies Boutique. I now have one for winter inside and one for outside too sloppy to ride spring training.
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    Any ideas for a homemade rear cantilever brake bridge

    What have you guys done? I can weld, but I need some ideas. Something that looks halfway decent and is pretty easy. My ideas involve a lot of fab work or else are easy but look like a hack job. I have some braze on cable stops I hacked off an old bike I tossed out years ago and one of my fab...
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    Beginnings of a gravel bike

    I started on my gravel bike today. I don't have an old steel road bike frame yet in my size. I took a new old stock front high flange hub and laced it to strong 700c double walled Weinman rim. This is a narrow mountain bike rim and I plan to try 45 mm tires on it. The next step will be the...
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    Skip tooth chain breaker

    I found a solution to breaking skip tooth chains. Not ideal but it works better than any brakers I have found. I took a Sunlite Mini Chain Breaker ($10.49 on Amazon) and broke off one of the centering guides. It broke off easily with a punch and hammer as it is made out of cheap pot metal...
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    I got stuck on my bicycle on a steep hill