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  1. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Thanks guys here's some shots of my combo speedo headlight tail light and battery can It's gonna look loud and proud framed by those mini apes . I 'm using the Bontrager bottle cage mounts to attach my headlight and battery can . Also has been converted to led bulbs high and low beam . The...
  2. bleedingfingers

    BO15 SteamRoller - (Primed + Sanded + Ready For Paint)

    All you need now is some spray glue and you are off to the races .
  3. bleedingfingers

    BO15 Poor Man’s Racycle

    I wanna see you do a wheelie with that sprocket
  4. bleedingfingers

    Freshen up whitewalls?

    Try citrus hand cleaner worked on some ancient whitewalls I had
  5. bleedingfingers

    20" wheels that aren't 20"

    You are not going to find any fraction tires at Canadian Tire go right to your bike shop and even they will probably have to order them . Sounds like you are in Canada so I might be able to help you I think I have a couple of nos Dunlops .
  6. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ITZARAT - 1928 Schwinn Motorbike (Pin-striping has begun)

    These things are out there too Goes on your front fork leg have seen them on old English bikes on the chain stays for giant tail lights as well. I think this one may have been replated looks like nickel. Looks like your light also sticks out enough to clear the stem which is sometimes a problem...
  7. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    First paint job going to change it up a bit though satin black satin white so far . Just the right amount of sheen not to shiny not to flat .
  8. bleedingfingers

    Ay body seen “Tour de Pharmacy”?

    laughed my butt off Lance Armstrong priceless
  9. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Here's the start of my Battery can it was full of tea that my wife had . Stole it then I epoxied another tin can lid over the end label sanded off the paint and here we are . Still need to put in switch wire it and paint it .
  10. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Sorry Kingfish Still waiting on paint but check out original paint on this bike from 2 posts back this is what it looks like now . Cleaned up real nice . Redid the seat and changed a few things total rebuild it's like a new bike
  11. bleedingfingers

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    Heres a shot of the ninja throwing star I have no dish in it at all and also very sharp in spots . Should have some more finishing on the teeth if I ever use it again . Worked on the 2 speed Sachs torpedo hub no problem . Glad yours worked out
  12. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Going with these bars Schwinn mini apes . More shiney bits Bike is also painted but might do some changes so not ready to show yet.
  13. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Speakin of news papers got this yesterday No badge English maybe Hercules but has New Departure model D on the back also has half inch pedals weird for an English bike 1930s S
  14. bleedingfingers

    SOLD Humongous Chain Ring $100

    I got a pulled leg muscle just looking at that thing
  15. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Finally quit raining so got some body work done . Had some rough spots still does but looks pretty good . Time for paint I think you can see where this is going .
  16. bleedingfingers

    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (TRIKE-TOR...Sport)

    Don't know if I would use that battery tube somebody see's that thing with some wires sticking out of it might call the bomb squad .
  17. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    Well original colour was red . I'm off and running had a few surprise things happen broken steer tube bearing race needs new bottom bracket bearings and the fork is slightly bent but no biggy.
  18. bleedingfingers

    27 Hibbard

    I found the right combination of bearings and cups . And won't tell what I did with the block of wood and the sledge hammer . But just a lot of tweaking till I got it now steers beautiful. Also with the drive train I was using a not very healthy block chain and the rear chain wheel was one of...
  19. bleedingfingers

    27 Hibbard

    This one went quick first time I had it together looked like this But could not get it to steer right tried a lot of things but never got it right . also drive train was never right so abandoned it and used the wheels on another bike So then it sat around for I think a couple of years ...
  20. bleedingfingers

    BO15 ZEN

    thanks guys will check that out Wildcat More bling don't know how old these are and can't find any info still in the box Nice German pedals spin great Also got a can of paint stripper but still not set on colour