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  1. neo_pop_71

    1982 Diamond Back California Klunker

    Finally done!!! This has been by far the slowest build ever in my 25+ years of turning out bikes! This is a 5th anniversary special edition 1982 Diamond Back California Klunker; I found it wasted, rusted, and in need of rescuing. Once I tore it down and tossed out everything except the frame...
  2. neo_pop_71

    Hey from Leo-Land, USA

    Hey all- Glad to finally have a reason to post instead of trolling around the gallery and (occasionally) the forum! I was born and raised in Fullerton, CA... the two biggest things to come out of this town are Fender Guitars (R.I.P Leo, Fender Guitars, G&L Guitars) and Social Distortion (R.I.P...