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  1. horsefarmer

    Horsefarmer's fresh finds

    Not my normal cup of Joe, this caught my eye on FB marketplace. Panasonic sport LX. About an hour away and missing seat and post. Seller wanted $20 and I did not quibble. I had to do something, Wife has upped her game with new tires on her Raleigh Grand Prix, and I have to keep up. 10...
  2. horsefarmer

    Two pair and a random diamond

    That's great when your hard work pays off! Sweet when you can make a few $ and keep some stuff for future projects too.
  3. horsefarmer

    26"x80mm rims to fit on a 24" frame set

    Just wow. Hard to imagine continuing operations without this guy at the helm.
  4. horsefarmer

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    I'm such a slacker, mixing and matching old recycled chain.... In my stash of inherited parts I have a couple new KMC chains, have to try one to improve my experience.... :)
  5. horsefarmer

    Hacktacular 8

    NucLeaR RObots at iT agaiN! :banana: :dance2: :banana:
  6. horsefarmer


    Last pic good here on pc running firefox. :thumbsup:
  7. horsefarmer

    1961 Rollfast

    What a great idea, do paint now for winter builds!
  8. horsefarmer

    74 Schwinn HD needs wax

    Great idea for truing wheels!
  9. horsefarmer


    macncheese , Do you have a build thread for your 51 Schwinn? I have a couple canti Schwinn balooner rats and always like to see what cool parts look like on them. :thumbsup:
  10. horsefarmer

    Need to know what I have on my car

    Prehistoric rat bike from the 50's - 60's?
  11. horsefarmer

    Show us your couples bike pairs.

    Her Raleigh and my Fuji...
  12. horsefarmer

    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Canning Tomatoes from our garden!
  13. horsefarmer

    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Those fenders are spiffy! :thumbsup:
  14. horsefarmer

    The perfect scam....

    I have been seeing this ad on C/L in my state. It has been on there, off and on for over a year. I'm not local to Millwaukee, but I'm sure the poster has had many benefactors give them forks and bikes.
  15. horsefarmer

    1959 Schwinn Wasp rat

    Wald bars, Felt grips and Nirve zebra seat, all from the stash. The profile is growing on me.
  16. horsefarmer

    Keep being faced with the same Question

    I don't know how I stumbled onto this thread. But it is pretty cool. Not what is a rat, more what should not be a rat!
  17. horsefarmer

    1959 Schwinn Wasp rat

    3 speed works awesome. Put on a pair street tires. Going to take it for a longer ride today. Bars, seat and tires are up for revision. :cool: