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    winter buildoff just having some fun

    Wow, cool deal! I was thinking the muscle bike challenge would stall this for a month... no idea what I am gonna build. Gotta get into the garage. and draw up some concepts... order metal... select some parts.... big fat rear tire... big apes.... lots a curves..... hmmmm starting to sound...
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    source for 178 mm 10ga spokes

    I did a good search for these guys a couple of months back with no luck, anyone know some good suppliers for heavy GA spokes? Thanks Rich
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    Fun with curves

    Having completed my first scratch built bike during the Muscle bike Buildoff (not really, I was a week late and a dollar short, but thems is the breaks :)) I have been anxious to get my feet wet again, this time knowing somethings better, and understanding what goes into one of these things...
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    i need 24" tubes for the 24" 3G fat tires

    I purchased the 3G tire deal here, I got the 24" and the 26". The Boas 26" came complete, the 24's came rim separate and I also purchased a tire (big fat and tall thing ) yea, i don't know what I am talking about, work with me here :), they did not come with the rim strip or the tubes... My...
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    Chopper Style (fat rear tire)

    Hey guys I'm a new face around here, been lurking on these forums since August and registered just before Christmas. This is my first build, I hacked away at a couple of failed attempts last summer, this one I am planning to see it thru. I started with a concept drawing I made, from there it...