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  1. fordmike65

    Foothill Flyers/Over Town Brewing Vintage Bicycle Swap/Show/Ride Sun Aug 18th

    Come join us at our very first Foothill Flyers Vintage Bicycle Swap/Show/Ride hosted by local brewers Over Town Brewing Co. at 227 W Maple Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016 on Sunday August 18th. Swap sets up at about 8:00am in the parking lot out back. Bring vintage bikes, parts & related items to sell...
  2. fordmike65

    SOLD! 1952 Monark Tanker Project

    Great start to a resto or custom build. Includes frame, fork, fenders, tank and chainguard. I have no other parts for this bike, but parts should not be difficult to find should you go all original or with modern pieces. Note- will need a complete headset (available for approx $10 at your local...
  3. fordmike65

    Farewell Velocipedist Co., Monrovia Swap And Everything Must-or-should Go Sale Extravaganza & Ride

    The Velocipedist Bicycle Company is closing their doors and whatever is left in the building will be sold Saturday morning, March 5th 8am ...for cheap. There will be a free swap area as well so bring stuff to sell! After nearly three years of fixing flat tires and making friends, it is time...
  4. fordmike65

    Dyno Moto-Glide

    Super nice condition, great paint, nice tires with a couple small scuffs & a chip or two. Smooooth rider that can tackle any hill with it's 4-spd coaster hub AND front brakes. Please PM for more info or pics. Located in Monrovia,CA. Asking $350obo local pick up for now, or can deliver locally if...
  5. fordmike65

    Bike Bug motor kit

    Does anyone have any info or reviews on these motors? I've found a good used complete front mounted one for $100 & am thinking of picking it up. Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. fordmike65

    CL Dyno Cruiser

    Picked this up off CL cheap a couple months ago. It's been sitting for while outside while I decided what to do with it.
  7. fordmike65

    Dyno Cruiser

    I'm not sure why I picked this up off my local CL, but it was cheap,just a couple miles away & I've always liked these frames for some reason. I kinda want to strip it,repaint it,throw a 40's trussed fork I picked up and a newly aquired Electra multi speed wheelset. I know nothing about these...
  8. fordmike65

    Pile o' Parts Builds...

    Not sure if there's another thread like this, but anyone else just throw a bunch of parts together just for the heck of it? Usually with the intentions of it being a temporary mock-up...but then ends up staying that way??? I've only been in the hobby for a few months, but I've amassed enough...
  9. fordmike65

    1936 LWB Colson Packard

    Hey members. I picked this up a few months ago on The Cabe. I had been loooking for a tall-framed,long wheel base(LWB) prewar bike for some time. A fellow member there informed my about the 2yr only(36,37) Colson big frame bikes. He happened to have one for sale, and thats how my love affair...
  10. fordmike65


    Well, my girl drug me out to the local flea market. I've been wanting to go, but she always leaves super early. This time she decided to leave a bit later, so I got ready and headed out. We spent over 3 hrs walking around without finding anything. I don't know if it was the heat(102*),the fact...
  11. fordmike65

    Local CL find:Elgin Twin Bar 20

    Hello fellow members. I came upon a very unexpected surprise during a late night skim of my local Craigslist. I found blurry,badly lit pics of an upside-down bike hanging from rafters. I enlarged the pic,and still wasn't quite sure what I was looking at. Not only due to the bad pics, but because...
  12. fordmike65

    Help choosing a bike rack

    I figure it's about time I need to pick up a bike rack if I wanna ride anywhere I can't ride my bike to. I need a heavy duty trunk mount rack that isn't hundreds of dollars. I would also like something that is able to carry an older girls tank bike securely without too much trouble. What have...
  13. fordmike65

    Is this worth getting?

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but here goes. A buddy of mine want's to pick up this newer Schwinn and I want the Nexus 7spd out of it. Is it worth the asking price of $275? Don't know much about the newer bikes...or bikes in general. Thanks for the help guys!
  14. fordmike65

    Toolbox FULL of bike tools...

    Not really a find, but more of a gift. It's been slow here at the Ford dealer, so I've been bringing my bikes here to work to pass the time. A guy who works here mentioned that his stepdad who passed away used to be a bicycle mechanic off and on for several years.While cleaning out a shed out...
  15. fordmike65

    Nirve girls bike

    Picked this up for a friend last night. Nice condition,a little rust on the pedals & headset,but all in all pretty nice. Just needs a little cleaning up. Figured $75 wasn't too bad.
  16. fordmike65

    1 1/8" TO 1" headset adaptor?

    I could swear I've seen these somewhere,maybe even here. I searched, but didn't come up with much. I'm looking to install a 1" fork assembly on a bike that has uses 1 1/8" headtube bearings. Is there a shim kit or a headset that will allow this? Thanks in advance guys-Mike
  17. fordmike65

    2x2? Huh???

    What the.....???
  18. fordmike65

    Another CL find

    Picked this up yesterday locally for $60. According to a label under that frame, its only 4 months old. Planning to rip off the decals, swap out pedals, grips,chain and seat for a different look. I finally found a bike that fits me :mrgreen:
  19. fordmike65

    Repop AirFlow Sky King tricycle

    Picked this up yesterday for my little 10 month old nephew. It'll be a while before he's able to ride it, but I figured it was too cool to pass up. It's in great shape,with just a few very minor scatches. I need to adjust the bearings & fix the non-op headlight. Got it for $65. Figured it was a...
  20. fordmike65

    Girl's X-53?

    Just came across this while skimming CL. Is this a female version of the X-53? Just wondering...