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  1. fordmike65

    Foothill Flyers/Over Town Brewing Vintage Bicycle Swap/Show/Ride Sun Aug 18th

    Come join us at our very first Foothill Flyers Vintage Bicycle Swap/Show/Ride hosted by local brewers Over Town Brewing Co. at 227 W Maple Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016 on Sunday August 18th. Swap sets up at about 8:00am in the parking lot out back. Bring vintage bikes, parts & related items to sell...
  2. fordmike65

    Another Colson

    As stated above several times, this is not a Colson, but a Snyder built bike. Additionally, Colsons use 3/4" seatposts, not 13/16".
  3. fordmike65

    Colson gallery...

    Ladies deluxe 36 with rare Torrington battery tube bars
  4. fordmike65

    Colson gallery...

    1937 in Yosemite Nat'l Park
  5. fordmike65

    Colson snap tank

    Nice! Love those Colsons. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  6. fordmike65

    SOLD! 1952 Monark Tanker Project

    Forgot to update this a while back. Project was sold locally. Thanks guys.
  7. fordmike65

    SOLD! 1952 Monark Tanker Project

    Great start to a resto or custom build. Includes frame, fork, fenders, tank and chainguard. I have no other parts for this bike, but parts should not be difficult to find should you go all original or with modern pieces. Note- will need a complete headset (available for approx $10 at your local...
  8. fordmike65

    Wwwaaaa ! A Colson commander ?? Frame..!

    Updated pic:cool2:
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    Firestone Pilot Refurbish

    Good to see another ladies bike saved & enjoyed. Definitely Huffman built.
  10. fordmike65

    Monark 26XXX

  11. fordmike65

    What is this?

    Not an expert here either. There are several similar double bar frames around that same period. Colson even had a similar fork with a forward tab to attach the front fender to. This frame is definitely not Colson tho. Here is a Colson
  12. fordmike65

    Snapshot of my 2016 Finds

    That '36 Colson ended up in a good home:D
  13. fordmike65

    What is this?

    Thinking it's CWC. Not Colson rear "dropouts".
  14. fordmike65

    Prewar find but what is it?

    Great deal here on the older edition Colson book. A wealth of knowledge!
  15. fordmike65

    Prewar find but what is it?

    Here's one I picked up recently. Pretty crusty with a lil red showing through in spots. I'm tempted to clean it up as you have, but I think I'll enjoy it as is for the time being...
  16. fordmike65

    Prewar find but what is it?

    Consider yourself quite lucky as the paint on these Colsons is notorious for not holding up very well. Too bad you weren't able to find the rest of the missing parts. Looks like a great start to a nice project!
  17. fordmike65

    Prewar find but what is it?

    This frame was introduced in 36 and made until around 39 or so. I'd have to check out my Colson book. The bike first posted in this thread is a 36 or 37, as the tall LWB frame was made for only 2 years.
  18. fordmike65

    SOLD Speigal Airmen

    Looks like about a 38 Colson. Never seen one with that badge before. Pretty cool:cool2:
  19. fordmike65

    Colson gallery...

    Picked up this '36 Fully Equipped Motorbike at a local swap. Had enough parts to replace the incorrect fenders,bars,guard & fork that it came with.
  20. fordmike65

    Colson gallery...

    Been picking up Colson parts til I had a big enough pile to put something together.