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    Rat Fink recovery

    I've been on the lookout for a RF since overpaying for my Jeremy. Came across this one locally for sale that was owned by his brother who passed. Broken spokes, rust on the chrome, but she'll be a gem soon!
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    Nice Scwhinn in GA

    Anyone looking for an old Chicago Scwhinn? Not mine...just hope it goes to a good home!
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    Straight 8 rescue

    I saved this fine piece of Electra componetry from a guy who didn't have room for her. Paid less than what I did for the Jeremy in the background.
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    Hello from Atlantic Beach, FL!

    Thanks to all for a great site with a ton of knowledge to share for a newb like me! I have the bug real bad and currently modding my Mongoose Beast, and pending El Guapo purchase. Totally love the old school patina bikes and have my eye on one.