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  1. RustyGold

    Scorpion 26"

    I had a very brief exposure to Scorpion bikes at a very young age. It cemented them in my mind (bmx bikes with lugs), but that one exposure was the only Scorpions I've seen in my life (probably ~'78 or '79). Later learned they were a Thai brand.
  2. RustyGold

    Price check on aisle Nishiki...

    BBB is completely nonsensical...for the most part it just uses an equation to depreciate the msrp over age of bike. For proof, look at the BBB prices for bikes like Trek Sawyer's or SE Big Rippers or Kona HumuHumu or A'ha. I would mortgage my house to buy container loads at the prices it gives...
  3. RustyGold

    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    I think I've been on four CL meet an' greets since the pandemic started. I bring the mask to be prepared...but, so far, nobody has cared. There is a bit of additional distance kept, and no handshakes...but, that's it. I'll follow whatever lead the seller gives.
  4. RustyGold

    new to site

    Welcome to RRB! Looking forward to seeing your winter projects :thumbsup:! Jason
  5. RustyGold

    What have you been riding lately?

    :rockout: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::rockout:
  6. RustyGold

    RRB member in need of help!

  7. RustyGold

    dyno roadster value

    $250-$350 around here.
  8. RustyGold

    Adding to the confusion...

    The dino reply was great...but, the shag reply was tops :thumbsup:!
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    Thanks! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    @Rat Rod ?
  11. RustyGold

    MBBO/BMXBO 2020-2021 RULES - READ FIRST!!!

    Blow it us what you got...and start from there. No problem :thumbsup:.
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    Is there a signature field anymore? I've been looking...but I'm not finding :grin: .
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  14. RustyGold

    Adding to the confusion...

    When I was a kid, clunker or jalopy or heap was any kind of vehicle that I could afford or drag out of a ditch for, car, truck, go cart, or motorcycle :thumbsup: !
  15. RustyGold

    RRB member in need of help!

  16. RustyGold

    Good deal or nah?

    I'm enjoying them :thumbsup:
  17. RustyGold

    Good deal or nah?

    For the win!
  18. RustyGold

    GT Nomad

    I like the triple triangle GT frames... good candidate for ad-hoc bmx cruiser builds.
  19. RustyGold

    Adding to the confusion...

    Another term for klunkers from other than the Mt. Tam group.
  20. RustyGold

    I don’t even know where to begin. Monarks, Silver kings, Elgins and more!

    Monark guard. Monark Century 200