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  1. Starnger

    Wanted CWC Roadmaster chain guard

    Hello! I am looking for a chain guard of a similar style: Any condition or color would do, original or reproduction. Thank you :)
  2. Starnger

    Wanted CWC fender reflector

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an original CWC fender reflector like that: Any year, any color, any condition works for me. Also just a housing without a reflector itself would be prefect for me. Cheaper is better :D
  3. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    Hello everyone! Just scored this 1980 Heavy Duti for 80 euro from Germany (less then 100$), and paid another 60 for delivery. As far as i know, that was the first year for them to be made in Asia, not Chicago, please correct me if i'm wrong. Anyway, the bike quality is awesome, 40 years old...
  4. Starnger

    WBO Project Oldboy - Finished

    Hello everyone! Finally finished with this one :) This is a BMX bike i built based on El Gordo lowrider frame and using 2001 Dyno Air as a donor bike. Before pics: Featuring: - Original GT Mags - 1980's NOS Saddle - Reproduction Pretzel bars - GT Piston stem - 1980's NOS Landar seatpost clamp...
  5. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Hello everyone! I have long waited for it and it happened! Just bought this 51 CWC frame from ebay, happy to finally join the club! It is going to be a fun project! As much as i wish to restore it to original condition, i'd have to compromise often because of parts availability. I live in...
  6. Starnger

    WBO Project Oldboy

    Hi everyone! I have made a post, asking if i should take part this year with a bike i have already had, and people seemed to be quite okay with it, so here it is! Let me introduce you to the bike. Here is the frame, 90's made stingray copy purchased from USA. The plan is to build...
  7. Starnger


    Hello everyone! In June i was coming to Amsterdam for a few days for a graduation show of my former school, and to ride around i bought a light silver Electra Delivery for just 40 euro. The bike was ridable, but the condition was sad, many original parts missing, spray-paint, whole usual set of...
  8. Starnger

    Can i?

    Hey folks! I have a question. I know usually i am not supposed to start a build before entering the build off. But there is this one i have not really done much for, just decided with the idea and got some parts for. Taking it to class 2 can be an extra motivation for me to finish it sooner :)...
  9. Starnger

    Liquid Chrome

    Hi everyone! I have recently tried a marker called "Liquid Chrome" by Molotow. I think i have seen it mentioned somewhere here, but still, decided to share. The thing is that it actually creates an amazing surface that looks so shiny, almost like real chrome. And way better then chrome coating...
  10. Starnger

    Making own cranks

    Hi guys! Has anyone here tried to make home-brew cranks? Maybe euro-style square crank arms? Or just heavily modified existing ones. I am very curious about that.
  11. Starnger

    346 Basman "Silver Bullet"

    Hey folks. I think i've done some decent job taking those pictures, so i decided to share them here as well, in case any of you would like to have hi-res photos of the project for any reason ;)
  12. Starnger

    Project Energia

    Hello people! First of all, yes, i know it is probably too many projects i have ongoing at same time :D I want to finish some others for sure. But since i am using my school workshop for building frames, i also have to use the opportunities like now, when most of the students are gone for...
  13. Starnger

    346 Basman "Silver Bullet"

    Hello again, everyone! Here i start another build thread. There are quite a lot of projects i am working on at same time, i realize that, but it is very hard to hold myself from working on each of them since they all are awesome and attractive in their own way :) I liked the way 346 Basman looks...
  14. Starnger

    The Moonlight (RRBBO 13 build continued)

    Hello everyone! Here is a building thread of my bike i have made for summer Build Off. I did not finish it back then so i am finishing it now. Here are the things i have done to it so far. Guided the shifting cable internally: Moved the seat mount a few cm further, because in the end it was...
  15. Starnger

    "April" aka "Cricket", Euro-style ladies cruiser

    I will still think on the title and a project name, but here i will briefly introduce you to the project. I have started that bike already in the spring, not sure if i find any before pictures. Some friend of mine have presented me the bike he did not need any more. That was typical euro-style...
  16. Starnger

    Project Oldboy

    Hello everyone. I grew up in 90's - 00's, and when i was in high-school i had a bmx bike. I had 2004 (my first bike that got stolen) and 2006 K2 Strip back in the days. That was my first conscious experience of cycling. There were bikes before when i was a kid, but that one was the first one i...
  17. Starnger

    Schwinn Stingray, bike or frame (20')

    Hey guys! I am looking for a stingray frame or an incomplete bike for my new project. There was a sweet one on ebay, but it was just sold today, when i finally got money to purchase it :) I am looking for the cheapest option possible, since it is not going to be restored to original condition...
  18. Starnger

    The Moonlight

    Build thread. Thanks everyone for your support! :happy:
  19. Starnger

    RRBBO13 The Moonlight

    Hello everyone. Long time ago i have decided to build this bike, but now only i have put myself into situation when i can not cancel or avoid it any more :) I have came up with the sketches for this bike like a year ago, but it was rough at first. But now i have connected one of the projects i...
  20. Starnger

    Dyno Dark Side of the Mooneyes

    Restoration build i have made. Replica of 1999 Dyno Mooneyes, based on degraded Dyno Tiki Taboo i have bought in Netherlands this summer. In this build i was balancing on staying as close to original as possible, using as many original or identical to original parts, but still giving the bike a...