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    My new find

    Hi Guy i just got this bike on ebay its a 16" bike thats got radhawk on it.dose any 1 no if thats what it is i think its a Raleigh chopper.what do you think.Thanks
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    Rat"el Snake Rust

    Ok guys im done,my first build off on RatRodBikes.sorry i dident take pics when i put the bike together cause i dropped my camera and it went Pop :x :x .anyway the bike turned out better than i thought every nut and bolt was stripped and rusted out the only thing that hasent been done is the...
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    Rat"el Snake Rust

    Hi guys,this is my first bike build off on Rat rodbikes. The bike i have picked is a 20"Funkster lowrider as i got it ebay for my self to go riding with my daughters to be on there level. :lol: and because of that i will not be cutting or fabrications on the bike.My idea is to make the...
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    Hello from Syney Australia

    Hi guys im new to this and loven it.I started building two bike for my daughters about a month ago and now i have 4 bike goen ones finish and im still working on the other three ill try and put some pics up later to share with u all and thanks Rat Rod Bikes four a mad site.ill keep u posted :D