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    I forgot all about the MMBO. Life has been busy for everyone, but this is always a welcome distraction. I was reminded by CRASH that one should always have multiple builds on the go. So, last night I started laying out parts and pieces to see what I could build. I actually just finished one of...




    I'm typically a MBBO kind of guy, but I have some extra time on my hands so I dug out a couple bikes from the shed that might work for this. Not sure where I'm going yet but I love the springer on the front end of this old bike. No idea what frame it is. Does anyone know what bike this is? It's...

    Daido Machine gun, Sears colour tire, NOS shimano 5 speed muscle bike shifter, Troxel seat

    I have a few items available for trade. I'm looking for clean or NOS muscle bike shifters to add to my collection. PM me with anything you have that you are willing to trade.

    18th Annual Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap in Brantford Ontario June 23rd

    This is Canada's best show. Come check it out!

    1968 Raleigh Fireball 3 + 2

    I had 3 bikes planned for this 4 month build off, but my powder coat guy injured his hand and couldn't complete all of my frames. Ultimately I had to give all of my love and attention to this old 3 speed Fireball. First order of business was to upgrade it to a 5 speed to make use of some rare...

    Raleigh Fireball 3 + 2 - Class 1

    Okay gents, this is hopefully the first of many entries. I have several bikes at the the powder coater, and this is the first one on the stand. I got this a while back and even picked up a donor bike this spring. One is a Raleigh Fireball and the other is the equivalent Canadian version, the...

    1978 Murray KING KAT

    I'm glad to have this one done. It's one of my favourite bikes. I always loved that front end, and when I got a chance to own one for just $200 and some spare parts I jumped at it. It's also cool to have a bike that was born the same year as I was. I entered 3 bikes in this round and 2 are...

    Pole Position - Twin Turbo

    Here's the finished product. I'm really happy with the way it turned out! Here's a link to my build thread:
  10. JNOACK

    1978 Murray KING KAT - Class 1

    I have always loved the Murray choppers. About 15 years ago when I didn't have the money to spend on bikes, someone in Hamilton Ontario had a whole collection of all the different Cats/Kats for sale for $500 each. I never bought one and soon the ad disappeared and I kicked myself later, since...
  11. JNOACK

    Raleigh Fireball - Class 1

    I picked this bike up from a friend of mine a while ago. He had it listed for sale on KIJIJI and it just sat there. He collects CCM and I finally called him up and said I'll take it. It's not all there and I don't know much about the history. It doesn't have the typical fireball seat or shifter...
  12. JNOACK

    Pole Position - Tandem Muscle - Class 2

    Intro I don't know if there will be any major fabrication with this bike, but it will be my first entry into class two. I guess this will be a nice first step into a division where creativity is not thwarted by period and part correctness. I fully intend to be welding by the end of the year, so...
  13. JNOACK


    This was a fun build for me. I love that this bike is relatively unknown on the internet and I'm glad that I was able to acquire some of its actual history to share. I added a few custom touches and I'm really happy with the end result. You can see how it all came together here...
  14. JNOACK


    I was hoping to save this build for the MBBO in september, but I seem to have a back log of musclebikes that need to be restored, so I'm sure I'll have a cool bike for then too. This build will simply be a restoration, which is kind of out of character for me. I like to add custom touches, but...
  15. JNOACK

    5 Speed Columbia Goucho

    Picked this up at the show in Ann Arbor. Missing the rear fender, and the sissy bar has been swapped out I'm sure. The shifter looks right, but the frame cutouts don't match the bars. Front tire would have likely had the double white line as well. Pretty good shape too. Was my first time at the...
  16. JNOACK

    1969 Eaton's Fastback 100 3 Speed

    This was an entry in the MBBO #5 and missed the deadline due to paint. Here it is now with all the extras I was able to add with more time. You can follow the build in the two threads posted below...
  17. JNOACK

    1978 CCM Voodoo MX 850

    Here's the end result of my resto/mod 1978 CCM Voodoo MX 850 This is the bike that only took me 30+ years to own. I started with a pretty solid survivor bike that I paid $20 extra for because...
  18. JNOACK

    Chrome Sears Spyder, King Kat Chopper and a Jim Dandy Tricycle

    Picked up these three bikes over the weekend. Got two at the swap meet and one at a flea market. Bike buying formula = 1 for my daugter and 2 for me. 1. 1966-67? Chrome Sears Spyder. I'm not totally sure about the year. 2. 1978 Murray built Brentwood badged King Kat Chopper. 3. 1993 Jim...
  19. JNOACK

    NOS Shimano 333 White Twist Grips 3 speed and 5 speed style

    I have a bunch of these available. Good for restoring a twist grip bicycle without having to buy the whole twist grip mechanism. Or.... just use the on your bike because they're cool, and really white for their age. $25 US Shipped a Pair 3 speed hub Twist Grip Control The...