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  1. JaxRhapsody

    (Trike-Tor)...WAHA-SEDB-3 (#2 - Class 1)

    Awsome build, love it. Tadpole trikes are more stable than deltas, both can tip, but with a delta; it's more steering input than speed. Tadpoles are more stable than deltas at low speed, at high speeds(which this thing may never see regardless of rider)... well... lets just say a Can-Am Ryker...
  2. JaxRhapsody

    The Black Bike... or Ninja Bike

    So due to two blow outs on my car, I had a chance to test ride this last night. Since I last posted in here; all it needed was the coaster brake retention thing, which I put on a few months ago. Cranbrook sacrificed its innertubes. Hopefully tonight it will be traded for another bike. Or be put...
  3. JaxRhapsody

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    yall make me want to build this cranbrook I picked up last month. Counting the Nel Lusso; this on is my fourth.
  4. JaxRhapsody

    Schwinn Rumbler - Klunker

    I want the one with disc brakes.
  5. JaxRhapsody

    Cheap huffy being sold as ready to ride with loose axles and cracked tires.

    I never seen one with a ffs. Also; BWAHAHAHAHA... AHHAHAHAHA! A roadbike that outwieghs the round tube Denalis... bwahahaha!
  6. JaxRhapsody

    Cheap huffy being sold as ready to ride with loose axles and cracked tires.

    Schwinm Caliente I think it is. They were small, heavy, cheap, with an ashtabula crank.
  7. JaxRhapsody

    BO15 SteamRoller - Finished 1st THANKS!! - CompareTwinWinsVerBotenSteamRoller

    The bike is dope. I have a hunch about what happened with the girvin fork; looking at those comparison pictures, the spring looks to be too short. On your other bike, and most other bikes I've seen, they angle down. On this bike they were angled up or close to it. It may have been because of the...
  8. JaxRhapsody

    What is the most high end bike you own

    Like off the showroom floor? Probably my DB Drifter1 and Gary Fisher Katai. The Katai will probably be the most expensive when I rebuild it as a superlight street fighter.
  9. JaxRhapsody

    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    I need one of those hossack forks... or a walk-thru to make one.
  10. JaxRhapsody

    Cranbrook bubble?

    Yeah. Especially an archaic childs beach cruiser. Too many daft enough to pay anything screwa it up for the rest of us.
  11. JaxRhapsody

    Ugliest homemade fixie.

    It's based off one, then. All I can tell is the front fork is off a Kent Something.
  12. JaxRhapsody

    Ugliest homemade fixie.

    That's a track bike. For a velodrome
  13. JaxRhapsody

    Cheap huffy being sold as ready to ride with loose axles and cracked tires.

    People think because it'a roadbike and old, it's worth something. Like classic cars. I wouldnt be surprised if somebody was trying to get 150 for one of those schwinn... forgot what they were called... something to do with fire. Red roadbike with a aahtabula crank.
  14. JaxRhapsody

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    If you can find it, there are cable operated hydraulic calipers from ye olde days.
  15. JaxRhapsody

    Next and Kent LaJollas

    Yeah that's about what they were new... back in 2009 or so.
  16. JaxRhapsody

    Next and Kent LaJollas

    Those are the new ones. Don't like them too much, I think they're steel, too.
  17. JaxRhapsody

    Next and Kent LaJollas

    I haven't seen too many of them, I always liked them because I thought they looked like a modern cantilever frame, and they are pretty light. This one was my stepdads, that died last year, my favorite color. He got it to replace the Schwinn Santa Fe II. I'm going to throw as much red on this as...
  18. JaxRhapsody

    Fooses's Bikes

    He had some pretty cool bikes, it popped in my feed last week.