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  1. gcrank1

    Off Road Gearing

    Im thinking about a motoredbike build, but instead of the (wonderful) board track style Im thinking of more a dirttrack, or off road style. I did a little bit of search and found, what gearing would be good for low end pull with, say, the typical Grubee Skyhawk 66 and/or...
  2. gcrank1

    Gcrank1 has learned how to do pics!

    'Old dog, new tricks' & all that........ I had to find out what all the rave is about 'stretch cruisers'; and I had to do it without breaking the bank! Being 6'1" x 205ish#s I wanted more than most cruisers offer, though my GT Dyno Deuce with a setback seatpost is a pretty good fit in its...
  3. gcrank1

    Sprockets that work for me

    Given that Im am not a power rider, but try to do a min. 5 mi./day on our country town road with some lowish, rolling hills, that is, we arent flat and we arent hilly, I get a varied workout and a good feel for what rations are working. My bike for 'serious' is a Trek 7200, set up 'English', but...
  4. gcrank1

    Thick Brick sale

    Heads up, if you havent heard: Felt USA has the Antique White Thick Bricks, 24 x 3, on sale for $7.50 @ right now.
  5. gcrank1

    Dyno Fireballs

    Is it just me, or are these typically a 'chunky ride' because of the flame tread design?
  6. gcrank1

    Straighten a bent fender stay?

    I have bent stay on my Electra Jester. These are the rather hefty chromed steel in a 'V' shape for strength. It looks like it took a localized hit and is somewhat of a compound curve. My attempts at hand tweaking cold do nothing and I would like to 'do no more damage'.
  7. gcrank1

    How to pick good springer fork...

    I havent got a definitive answer to that either (yet) though I asked a few people about it during the winter. Im inclined to go with what the motored bike people have been using with some successful history behind them. The Felt Jerry Springer and Abraham Linkage 'seem' to be built to a higher...
  8. gcrank1

    1941 Colson

    Looks Great; Cool Blue too.
  9. gcrank1

    Twist grip shifter relocate

    I dont remember where I stumbled across this, but I dont think it was here........ Anyway, it is so clean and cool (wish I had pics, but you will get the idea). The twistgrip shifters are (moslty?) made to fit 7/8" dia. bars. They also make a 7/8" 'stubbie' mount for other handlebar...
  10. gcrank1

    Schwinn BB part # cross ref.

    Anybody got a cross ref. for a Schwinn BB #91807 to see what all it fits?
  11. gcrank1

    OCC head badge

    It looks like the Schwinn Sting Ray OCC plastic headbadge is glued on. Any tips for removing it without breaking it?
  12. gcrank1

    Sgl Spd Coaster Sprockets

    Are the Bendix SS red band sprockets the same 3 drive lug and center ID as the typical Sturmey Archer AW 3spd, etc.?
  13. gcrank1

    'Slip on' Raleigh, etc. headlight pics?

    Does anybody have pics of the battery lamp, or any lamp, that fits the Raleigh steertube lamp bracket? Id like to know what to look for, ask for, or try to build.
  14. gcrank1

    KK Deuce stem ?

    My GT Dyno Deuce has the straightleg, triple tree fork with 1 1/8" threadless steertube. On this is a 'threadless' stem, but for 7/8" clamp area bars; really cuts my options for using bars in my bikebar jumble. On the later KK Deuce versions did they go to a 1 1/8" x 1" clamp stem, or no? If...
  15. gcrank1

    CWC Roadmaster toptube length?

    Can anyone tell me what the toptube (ctr of seat tube to ctr of headtube) measurement is on a Roadmaster frame? Im trying to decide if my 6'1" x 205# will comfortably fit on one.
  16. gcrank1

    My rat OCC is on its way

    My oldest Grandson (now 20), thinks Grampa is pretty cool ( :D ), he offered up his old rat snowbank OCC bike to me after I told him about the stuff I saw online about 'gravity bikes'. Since I go a bit over 200# and about 6'1" the typical BMX bike frame would scrunch me up pretty well, so this...
  17. gcrank1

    How to 'anti-rust' steel rims?

    So, Im cleaning up my old 'spaceliner' (Murry 'M.O.' stamped) steel rims (complete wheels); I have to wire brush the inevitable rusty spots on the tube liner side and am thinking that some kid of paint might be a good idea in there. What do you guys recommend ? Id like it to be good for another...
  18. gcrank1

    FYI DupliColor found

    I found it at my local (new in town) O'Reilly Auto Parts; they also have Krylon, which has been good to me in the past.
  19. gcrank1

    Fork fit ?, GT Dyno/Felt

    Does anybody know if the 1 1/8" Felt Jerry Springer fork will bolt on a '99/2000ish GT Dyno Duece (it has the threadless 1 1/8" fork) and/or what I need to make it fit? I know there are 'cheaper' forks, but I would rather have 'better' than 'cheaper' if it really is (and I do want this one to be...
  20. gcrank1

    2 spd kickback coaster hubs

    So if Im looking at a bike at the 'recycle center' or St. Vincent's, etc., how can I tell if it has the hub in question if I cant try it out? Quicker would be better than slower if I have a crack at bringing one home.