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  1. No Talent Clown

    Corvette Rat

    Picked up a 1967 Schwinn on CL. Made a quickie transfarmation. Switched the seat for a NOS red banana, ditched the basket, switched the S7s for snowflake leced S7s with a red band kickback, added a headlight and made a faux patina chainguard to match. No biggie Before After
  2. No Talent Clown

    Schwinn Collegiate Ray

    Simple, nothing fancy. Some parts from a from a girls Schwinn and some from elsewhere and a little cleaning. Before: After:
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    Not a bike, but...

    ... Pretty darned cool. Couldn't decide on where to post this. A handbuilt, rat rod pedal tractor on C'list. Would have been cool to see a jackshaft and some gears with a tall stick shift. Maybe the next owner will. Need to get myself some...
  4. No Talent Clown

    Geared Beast wheels

    Anybody put an internally geared hub to a rim like the Mongoose Beast has? Saw the one on Choppers US. Curious if other hubs would clear.
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    Crusty Tiger

    August 1959 Schwinn Tiger. A C-list score from a couple months back. Too cheap to pass up. Two speed was rusted almost solid as well as the chain. Didn't do too much to it to clean it up. I liked the way it looked. Added a new chain, tires & wheels, put an LED in the headlight along with a...
  6. No Talent Clown

    Half Evil

    I bought a 1951 Schwinn Panther parts bike a couple years ago and I think I finally figured out what I want it to look like. Just in time for a build off too. Here is a mock up: I think I already don't like the tire wheel ideas. Kinda been there, pretty much done that. I dunno...
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    Unknown monoshock

    I have a monoshock frame, but I don't know what it is. I found a pic of someone elses but with no info. Mine: Theirs: Their frame says Black Widow on the front gusset. Any ideas?
  8. No Talent Clown

    Roth Reaper

    Got my hands on a Reaper frame. Thanks Greg, Went through four forks before kinda deciding on one. Lacing up the rims. Had to get another set of spokes for the rear due to mismeasurments. Frame is off to powder coating. Front wheel is laced. Building a shifter. Still not sure about the...
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    Tour De Fat SF

    Out of curiosity, anyone planning on doing the Tour in SF?
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    Firebikes Warrior

    I must be a very lucky person. First a Fluid now a Warrior. Got it this afternoon and did a mockup. The seat and the stem will change...
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    SA Kickback vs. Bendix Kickback

    Has anyone ridden both? Looking to see how they might differ since I just used a gift card to buy a SA version.
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    Skiptooth conversion

    There is a seller on Ebay who has machined rear cogs to make newer hubs into skiptooths. Maybe I am late on this bandwagon, maybe not. I have it in my hands, I put it on a Nexus hub and a Sturmey (a little more effort somehow than the Nexus). I ran in through a couple chains with no problems...
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    NoName Customs

    Anybody have any idea of what happened to NoName Customs. I was just looking at some pics, very cool frames.
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    Fat Fink

    So, I got a Fink, but I couldn't leave well enough alone. This is the progress so far. As soon I find a striper, locally, I will tear it down and paint it to get it ready for striping. The frame's kinda scratched and dinged and the white seat and grips were quite filthy (not to mention, not a...
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    Rat Fink

    I just picked-up a Fink, it's in okay shape. Was thinking about changing it up abit. Anybody used different bars on theirs?
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    Well the name may change. Came to me as I was falling asleep last night. Anyway, I got a great deal on CL from a very cool guy, here it is; Made 10-5-1950.This is what it looked like when I picked it up. No badge or chainguard, Monark chainring and some S2's missing a couple spokes in...
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    I have no idea what to say about this, except, I want to ride it. ... 3a5a3ca2c6
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    Firebikes Fluid

    Okay, it's not realy a "ratrod", but it was painted in the back yard and 90 percent of the parts came from one bike or another or off the spare parts shelves in my garage. I got it from Sam, at Firebikes, around Christmas and just got to finish it ( like it's really finished, ever) recently. The...
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    1957 Schwinn Tornado

    So the Anything Goes Build-off sidetracked me from my Dyno Deuce Lowrider project and I built-up the Knuckleduster. That got sidetracked by this quickie build-up that used some of the Dyno's leftovers. I've been wanting to do a "red" primer rat.
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    Dyno DeuceLow

    So I found a Dyno Deuce on Craigslist that some tweeker had. It had something done to it so that the handle bars were bent and the kickstand was bent off to such an angle it was useless. Sounded like a good canidate for my second 26" lowrider. This is what I was biulding when I saw the "Anything...