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  1. Rust Buzzard

    How about a single pedal tandem?

    I was trying my hand at designing, just doodling, actually, when I realized I was fixating on King/Queen seats. These are the two level type used on old fashioned choppers. I thought about building a frame around the idea, with pegs for the passenger. I think it might have some use? Lots of...
  2. Rust Buzzard

    Vancouver (It's near Whistler) newbie saying, "Hello". I mean it, too.

    Hi, everyone! So, last month I ran out of my meds and immediately bought several bikes. The first was a Miele made in Quebec. I snuck it in quietly through the side door but my dear wife spotted it almost right away! Then she wanted to know why it had two BBs? Obviously, one is a spare but I...