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  1. Starnger

    Triple tree mounting

    I did not quite grasp what have pulled the fork and why there is no clearance between the steerer tube and the tire. You technically could use that stem there, but then you would have to tighten the fork crown first. Usually you use star nut and a stem cap on the threadless headset to adjust the...
  2. Starnger

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    Mechanical brakes should be enough in my opinion.
  3. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Hello everyone. So, packages and parcels are moving really slow lately, and my progress is not very fast too. Here is what changed over last week. Installed new cranks and sprocket. Looks awesome in my opinion, and completely changes the looks of the bike. You may see just how far the...
  4. Starnger

    Walmart Klunkers

    I was to Carrefour yesterday, touching bikes there. Obviously, kids bikes were heavier then adults ones, only one suspension fork did actually work without me putting my whole weight on it, most of the fork legs were scratched already. But the most surprising thing was that i was able to rotate...
  5. Starnger

    First Dyno Roadster Build.

    2 normal chains should be enough. If they are bmx length, you'd need 3 :)
  6. Starnger

    Wanted CWC Roadmaster chain guard

    I will gladly take a look at the photo if you can take one. I actually have already found that piece, but who knows, maybe i love yours so much i would want to have two :)
  7. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Here is a little more detailed mockup of the paint scheme i am planning to have.
  8. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Got the saddles back from the powder coating. Assembled them back. I used mostly new bolts and nuts, for the few reasons. First is that allen head bolts are often more comfortable to operate with then hex head, for example when needed to be tightened through the spring coils. The second reason...
  9. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    Hello everyone! Did not post many updates lately, bit busy at my internship right now. However, the bike is almost finished by this moment. The Felt aluminium machined chainwheel have arrived, the last part i wanted to change about the looks of the bike! 39 is a bit small, but that was the only...
  10. Starnger

    Felt Drillium Chainring Wanted

    Kahaki bikes in Poland have their own drillium chainwheel.
  11. Starnger

    Shelby Hiawatha Arrow 'Regrestoration'

    Me and a friend of mine were thinking on how to get a profile like that, thinking over building a rear reflector. Actually if you just take a 100mm wide fender available at the market, cut out a stripe from the middle and weld it back, you may get a profile very similar to original gothic :)...
  12. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Hello everyone! Not much free time to work on the project lately, but here are few updates :) I got the fenders finally! Yay! With paying almost 50 bucks only tax for it... Lots of money invested into it now. Crazy, but i really couldn't do it without the gothic peaks. It would be a bit sad to...
  13. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    Thanks for everyone's input, i have checked the head badge, the bike is from 1987 indeed :) I got some nice little details to finish the build now, the sprocket is here and most of the roller brakes parts. The only one left is roller brake cover, then it is done :)
  14. Starnger


    This is a nice drawing above, but the scale of the sprockets is unrealistic on this guys graphics. At least it feels like.
  15. Starnger

    Wanted CWC Roadmaster chain guard

    Hello! I am looking for a chain guard of a similar style: Any condition or color would do, original or reproduction. Thank you :)
  16. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Fresh delivery from USA. New (ha-ha, at least new for me) fork with the original headset! Chrome is chipped on the bearing cups, so i might as well use the ones from my Schwinn Heavy Duti. I believe this fork is original for Roadmaster, but it can be somewhat older then my frame. Now i...
  17. Starnger

    1998 Western Flyer cruiser bike.

    Don't they have 22,2mm seat post? Maybe you may find just some thick wall tubing lying around, 7/8" is quite a popular standard.
  18. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    Thanks for info! I'll look closer into that. What @RustyGold said up there about stainless fenders is probably true, so that made me investigate if it could be Hungarian Schwinn indeed. So far i found out, that all Taiwanese Schwinns of the period had frame numbers starting with G, and mine...
  19. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Here are few updates. Let me start with the good news. I got this Monark inspired Electra sprocket through my local Electra dealer. They are not on their catalog any more, so i guess this counts as NOS :D Installed the dog leg crank i got from Debutante, to my surprise modern bearing races...
  20. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    @MattiThundrrr, @JaxRhapsody, huh, that's exactly what i did :) And then i saw your comments this morning. Does this mean aesthetics are universal, or are we a conforming group? :D I have put the cable guides through a frame using threaded rivets. Had to drill the frame, but better that then...