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  1. Pappy


    Looking for a 20” Murray fork like the one pictured...thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Pappy

    Huffy Rail Chain Guard & Shifter both FOUND!

    Just what the title says...color/graphics doesn’t matter...long/short wheelbase doesn’t matter...front bracket is “L” shaped & screws into the bottom bracket of the frame...also looking for a’66 Rail shifter...thanx,Pappy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pappy

    USA Persons Banana Seats

    My pal Rick is looking for some used up but not rusted out USA Persons banana him directly @(816)226-0023...thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Pappy

    Schwinn Balloon...FOUND!

    Hey... I find myself in need of a set of Schwinn postwar balloon rear fender stays.Don’t need to have a perfect finish but would like a straight set. Thanx. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Pappy

    Ratty Rail Frame

    Hey y’all... I had so much fun building the first one that I’m looking for another ratty Huffy Rail frame. Key word here is ratty. Will buy a complete one if the price is right and its ratty... I am not restoring rather building kustom rats... thanx, Pappy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Pappy


    Had a GREAT weekend after experiencing a "dry spell" of sorts. Found this mostly complete 1937 HP Harris built Zep. Someone had put a mid-weight front wheel and tire on it at some point in time but the weird thing is that there are no holes for a headbadge :shock: ...what gives? Had to make a 3...
  7. Pappy

    MUD FLAP (with a story)

    I've had this old mud flap forever but couldn't do anything with it 'cause every time I touched it,it would fall apart. Fast forward to the Hayesville,KS. swap...I meet Kevin Murphy selling these awesome leather RatFink (& other)mud flaps that he makes. He's out of his RatFink flaps so I pay him...
  8. Pappy


    Meet my "New Girl". My boss at Weird Stuff Antiques ( brought her in this weekend & I just had to have her. I'm not sure what year she was built (help please) but know the obvious...CWC built Western Flyer...100% original! Not a single dent in the fenders or...
  9. Pappy


    The serial # on the bottom bracket reads 8H346077...heres a pic...or 4 any help would be most excellent!...Thanx,P 8)
  10. Pappy


    Got this nice original Huffman (I think) this evening...any ideas on year? Paint appears & grips are not but everything else seems to check out...serial # is 8H346077 (on bottom bracket).Head badge looks almost we are... Nice eh?...P 8)
  11. Pappy


    Picked this beauty up on Memorial Day...just been too busy getting ready for the Little Blue River Bike Swap & Art Fest here in Kansas City (6/9/2012).I think this may be a Murray built...but not sure...any help? I know Keen Kutter made meat grinders & lawn mowers but didn't know they marketed...
  12. Pappy


    Well at first the Peddlers Swap was a wash out,then Sills,Clark,Rich & I went and had breakfast...Sills gets a couple of phone calls & the swap was back on...confused?,we were as well.I will tell you one thing though,them boys up outta Haysville/Derby KS. are some of the swap'inest hardcores a...
  13. Pappy


    This probably isn't the correct forum but for the life of me I can't remember who it was that posted a WARRIOR fresh find here,then I made the comment about my WARRIOR headbadge & said I would post a pic so I'm doing it here...& also my FIRESTONE headbadge... I apologize to those who...
  14. Pappy


    Took a vacation day today.I was catching up on some computer work part of which included posting an ad for the PEDDLERS SWAP MEET on C/L for this Sunday.Anywho...C/L,Friday,day following me? I saw this ad for a antique Western Flyer.Called the guy,drive for 1 hr. to the sprawling...
  15. Pappy

    MONARK ROCKET...updated

    Here's my paint job and all.I've had it for awhile but I am just now taking pics and getting used to posting them.I added the taillight,wheel bell,seat,grips w/streamers (old),pedals,RocketRay and "POWERGLIDE" logo (old chevy).Plan to actually paint this one... eventually...
  16. Pappy

    "PHOENIX"... aka the Fire Bike

    Well,here goes.I don't know how long this project will take me...or where it will take me for that matter.For the start of the story I'll refer you to MBP's thread in "FRESH FINDS" titled "1948 Schwinn??" as he asked about it there so I answered him there...Thanx MBP! This poor thing started its...
  17. Pappy


    Here's my find of the weekend...this one came through the store I work for part-time called WEIRD STUFF can check us out at saw this one and had to have it.Terry,the owner & my friend,made me a sweet deal on it so here it is. I have another 24"...
  18. Pappy


    Okay boys & that I finally may have this pic thing down I can relate my Flightliner story.I asked my pal,Ponytail Mike,if he had a rattrap springer for sale & he said he might then a few weeks later he brought me the whole bike sans the tank (which I scored from VBC...Thanx,Todd) &...
  19. Pappy


    Thought I'd take a little time to share one of my most favorites.She's a '58 Schwinn canti...not sure which model.Had to beg dos cruiser to sell her to me ('member Don?),got the rack from Bicyclerick,chaingaurd pinstriping was a gift from PonyTail Mike. Jon Q & dos cruiser were both instrumental...
  20. Pappy


    Found this gem on ebay...found out it was only a couple miles from the house...found out it was being sold by an old chum from high school.. ...found out he was selling it for his mum (such a good boy) who bought it at a garage sale 10-15 years ago...found out it had been hanging in said garage...