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  1. RustyGold

    Bowden Spacelander

    Local... reproduction? real? :39:
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    Is there a signature field anymore? I've been looking...but I'm not finding :grin: .
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    RRB member in need of help!

    As discussed in the BMX rule discussion page, RRB member @léocwc had all of his tools stole from his workshop. Leo has started a crowd fund for tool replacement...I thought it should be reposted in a more visible forum. leocwc tool fund
  4. RustyGold

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Here is the non-descript markings, practically no hint to what lurks inside... ...first peek inside reveals naught... I dig a little deeper, and find my first clue... ...and then, just like that, full on exposure to The Covid... ... CRUISER! I hope I survive...
  5. RustyGold

    Seven deadly words list...

    So, when did ..... (nice young man from Galilee) get added to the list? @Rat Rod
  6. RustyGold

    My Oregon Neighborhood (9/7/20 update)

    I aired out some dirty small town Oregon laundry in the 'Plains of Armageddon' and 'Plains of Armageddon II' threads. Now for some of the more palatable pics of my neighborhood :thumbsup:. No bicycle, just bipedal. Standard disclaimer, pics are from a broke cell camera... poor quality. Went...
  7. RustyGold

    Plains of Armageddon II

    This is the sequel to, 'The Plains of Armageddon' post :grin:. I've haven't been riding since late May. I was supposed to wait until four months after surgery, but, I figure 11wks is close enough :thumbsup: I took the Floval Flyer out to an old mill log pond turned park / wildlife refuge /...
  8. RustyGold

    The Plains of Armageddon

    So... usually, people try to show their neighborhood in its best light... this is not that kind of tour :confused:. These pics are from a couple years ago. Small town Oregon, in what used to be a timber county...there is still a timber industry, but it is a shadow of what it was. The following...
  9. RustyGold

    Recovery recoveries...

    I've been in recovery from a surgical procedure the last couple months. I more or less got my driving privelidges back three weeks ago, and my lifting restrictions were raised to 20lbs. I went on a bit of a CL spree from then until I went back to work last week. As far as my wife knows, nothing...
  10. RustyGold

    Pics from vintage BMX show, Eugene OR

    Pics from show last weekend...
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    The one (of many) that got away...

    Hank Asylum...showed up on CL Wednesday night, after I stopped checking for the day. Didn't see it until ~20hrs the time I had an opportunity to call, it was deleted :doh:.
  12. RustyGold

    '83 Murray early Mountain Bike

    Saw on local CL...
  13. RustyGold

    ISM 0003 - Nu S'cool Rail

    'failure to launch, pt. deux too' I remember the first bike I put together as a kid. It was a purple/violet 20" cantilever schwinn with flipped dropbars and a mattress saddle off of a road bike. I believe it would have been the summer before 1st grade (the first (Boise, Idaho) of six schools in...
  14. RustyGold

    ISM 0002 - Muscle TRUCK!

    I intend to enter pretty much every build off the comes up...and have failed to start every time but once, and failed to finish that one :doh:. So, here is 'failure to launch, pt deux!' of the three is a lock :nod: ... two of three is undecided :39: ... and there is always the...
  15. RustyGold

    Oregon Classic and Antique Bicycle Swapmeet, 9/14/19

    I'm not affiliated with this event, but, I'll be there. It is essentially the replacement to the Iron Ranch Swapmeet. I don't know why our few meager Oregon events don't get advertised on RRB...but, here it is in case a random PNWer sees it and can attend :grin:. a fringe benefit, museums...
  16. RustyGold

    Recent-ish acquisitions...

    Couple recent 'finds'. One was free, one wasn't... I'll let y'all decide which is which :grin:. #1…Co-worker texted me this mess he saw at a pick-a-part on labor day weekend... I dropped by that Monday to take a look...and left with this... Looks to be ~'73 Murray built Sears...
  17. RustyGold

    Big Ripper

    So, we have been having a bunch of construction done at the house the last couple months. As a result, my bike hoards, for the most part, have been consolidated. The unfortunate side effect...the only rideable bike I have access to is a $20 Raleigh Colt. I have a few NIB bikes I've not gotten...
  18. RustyGold

    Stale finds !?

    Today's archeological expedition. 'Organized' this about a year ago...but, it quickly fell back to chaos again. So, this time I'm pulling the neon out and getting rid of it (it's been in there since ~2000 :doh:) to allow me to come up with a more practical storage solution... ...not fun...
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    Herded a flock of Schwinns home today...I shouldn't have, but, well...twin straight bar. I'm not going to say no :grin:. ...and I think I can admit that I've overshot my quota of camelbacks :nod:
  20. RustyGold

    Albany (OR) Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap…May 11th

    As the flyer says... Vintage Bicycle Show in Albany, OR. Not affiliated in any way, but have participitated the last couple years. It is about 2/5ths vintage BMX and 3/5ths vintage and custom. I plan on doing a swapmeet stall this year :grin:. @Mark Davo