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  1. Speed King

    Identifying prewar Schwinn

    Educating myself on the prewar Schwinns because I am looking to purchase. How can you determine year of the bike? I have the serial # but it comes up as a 52 with the Schwinn tool search. Were bikes with an Excelsior head badge only made pre war? Assuming its the original head badge. Thanks
  2. Speed King

    What about mtb tandems?

    Anybody into early Santana, Rodriguez, Fisher or other? Just picked up a Santana Picante, still trying to determine vintage but I suppose mid 90's. This will be our 2nd Santana. Let's see what you have and how its set up.
  3. Speed King

    Stem size

    I finally found some bars I liked so I score them. I then bought a stem that was supposed to be 22.2 but is 21.1. The stem is a cool Sakae that I would like to use. Can a guy shim it to work? The bars fit fine but the quill has a little extra space. The wedge tightens but there is a little play...
  4. Speed King

    Gary Fisher Klunker

    Noob question. If a guy could find one of these what would one expect to pay? Is it something worth owning?
  5. Speed King

    Schwinn HD vs regular

    Trying to educate myself to the old bike world. I have a 57 Spitfire. I'd like to add a bike and a couple Schwinn Heavy Duty Models have come by me. Always yellow. What is the difference - actual heavier frame? Are these desirable? Thanks.